Heartland Road (CoS Zone)  

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Type: Suburb
Within: Nexus
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City of Steam
This district is the road connecting The Refuge, The Ironwaste, Heartland Vale and, ultimately, Meluan's Gate.



DungeonDepthLevel RangeGroup Size
Crumbling Sepulchre712+1+
Kalinor's Rest 13+1+
Larran's Grotto813+1+
Flywheel Shaft 13+1+
Temrin's Stacks914+1+
The Repository 15+1+
The Sluice1016+1+
The Effluviary 17+1+
Heartland Motors
Heartland Motors Office
Quest: Liberate Heartland Motors required
Corsair Hideout 17+1
Hideout Attic 18+1+
Hideout Basement
Quest: Manor War required

Book 2, Chapter 2

See Main for the entire story

Break the Stalemate

  1. [Main] Trouble on the Road - Help break the Corsairs hold on Heartland Road
    1. Destroy the Cache - Destroy the Corsair weapons cache in the Crumbling Sepulchre
    2. Ambush at the Bazaar - Help with Jost and Yukat's clever plan to reclaim the Bazaar
    3. Liberate Heartland Motors - Help Jost and the Nexan Guard secure the Skydock at Heartland Motors (and their only bar, too)
    4. Siege the Sluice - Run the Corsairs to ground in The Sluice
    5. Manor War - Chase the First Mate into the Corsair Manor, and face Captain Genthus
  2. [Main] Veiled Threat - Speak to the Heartland vale Guard about making the road safe from mad toilers
  3. [Main] A Very Important Gate - Reach Meluan's Gate

You must complete the Main/Sub-Main quest for a given dungeon before the Optional, Vanquisher and Heroic quests are offered. Optionals can be done in any order but you will be auto-offered them in sequence.

General Quests



  1. [Vanquisher] Sticks and Stones - Crumbling Sepulchre - Exterminator
  2. [Vanquisher] Motormined - Larran's Grotto
  3. [Vanquisher] Private Collections - Temrin's Stacks
  4. [Vanquisher] Corsair Flotsam - The Sluice
  5. [Vanquisher] Gone to Ground - Corsair Hideout


  1. [Challenge] Heroic - Sticks and Stones - Crumbling Sepulchre - Exterminator
  2. [Challenge] Heroic - Motormined - Larran's Grotto - Boss
  3. [Challenge] Heroic - Private Collections - Temrin's Stacks - Boss
  4. [Challenge] Heroic - Corsair Flotsam - The Sluice - Boss
  5. [Challenge] Heroic - Gone to Ground - Corsair Hideout - Boss

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