Harbor Archives (CoS Zone)  

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Common MobsBossesQuestsDungeon ObjectivesVanquish
Common DropsRare Drops
Harbor Archives 1  Accessible from: Meluan's Gate
21+ Harbor Archives Dock
[Optional] Halton Monitor
Harbor Archives 2  Accessible from: Harbor Archives
22+ Harbor Archives Dock
[Optional] Halton Monitor
Myth Hub Connections: Meluan's Gate, The Central Bilge, Corsair Airship, The Far Scraphills, The Deepworks, Harbor Archives 2, Meluan's Rest, Railyard, Urbis Medius
Harbor Archives 3  Accessible from: Harbor Archives 2
23+ [Optional] Halton Monitor
Harbor Archives Boss Raid Accessible from: Harbor Archives
23 8693 (11826) [Vanquisher] Tomes and Bones
[Challenge] Heroic - Tomes and Bones
Defeat Shellak the Pincer
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City of Steam

Each Boss Raid Challenge dungeon that you complete will grant rewards in addition to any items you find within it.

The amounts will vary by level and mode.

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