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August 2009 Player of the Month


Real Name: Nathan

Age: I'll be 35 next week. yes, I'm old as dirt and grass.

Character Name: Mallister

Character Race: elvaan

Character Job(s): drk 75/nin 75/pld 66 (next to 75 ~)/blm 60

Nation: San d'Oria

Rank: 10

Server: Carbuncle

Linkshell: NoTomorrow/Necropolis

Linkshell Website: (under construction, coming soon!)

Real World Location: Native texan, currently exiled to Kabul, Afghanistan.

Career / Employment Industry / Current Level of School: Biomedical engineer (no, i don't splice genes I fix hospital equipment. I have two good friends that are geneticists, but they wouldn't let me go to school for that. Something about ethics violations from some freelance squid 'research' I did when younger).

Hobbies: Final Fantasy, anime, Warhammer 40k models, drawing, martial arts, guns, collecting snakes and arthropods of all kinds.

Family? 2 wonderful, vexing, brilliant, insane children!

Your Website:, under construction. check it in a week or two. SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION GO!


Besides Final Fantasy XI, what other MMORPGs have you played and how do they compare to Final Fantasy XI?

I'm an avid Warhammer: Age of Reckoning fan but can't play it atm due to slow as hell connection here in afghanistan. it's completely opposite to FF, fast paced, brutal and in your face. there's nothing quite so satisfying as punting Order healers into lava.

How did you find out about Final Fantasy XI, and when did you begin playing?

Embarrassingly enough, i got FFXI as a wedding present from my first ex wife. I've been playing since May 2004, but didn't really start playing consistently until later that year.

Do you know anyone in real life who plays Final Fantasy XI?

lol, too many. Final Fantasy on carbuncle is like general hospital. I met my girlfriend on FF doing promies like...what, 3 years ago now?

How did you come up with your main character's name?

Though no one that knows me in-game believes me, my character's name has nothing to do with tentacle porn. It was from George R.R. Martin's epic Song of Ice and Fire. A character introduced in the prelude manages to get himself and his entire unit eaten alive by zombies in the first 15 pages of the book. He was a jerk though and you cheered to see him get mauled. I was re-reading the book when i was waiting for the game to install...

What is your favorite job and why?

Hands down, dark knight. It's a job you love almost in spite of itself. Things are a lot better now with the state of the game (2h updates, /sam, dreadspikes/drain2, etc) but back in 2004-2005 it was a different story entirely. In spite of the stigma attached to it, it's extremely versatile and with the right support an absolute powerhouse.

Which forum(s) do you frequent the most?

I'm pretty much limited to the drk forums. There's so many misconceptions and just plain bad ideas about drk out there. I try to do my part to clear this up. I wish someone would have been there to do the same for me when I was leveling up, it'd have saved me a lot of doing things the hard way. There's a lot of good people there too ^^

About how often do you play Final Fantasy XI and how long is a typical playing session for you

I'd be embarrassed to answer this question truthfully. Let's just say i play waaaaay too much.

How do you spend your time in game?

Right now, spending a lot of time leveling pld. just hit 67. my gf and i run a shell during GM+4.5 timezone and that takes up the rest of our time.

Do you craft? If so, what are your skill levels?

Smithing, just hit 48. Restarted about 3 days ago after a 2 year hiatus. It's free money, hard to turn down.

Approximately how much of Vana'diel have you experienced?

I've done everything but groundkings. I just don't have time to mess with an event that practially requires cheating/botting to even attend.

What is your favorite expansion?

Either CoP or ToAU. I can't really name a favorite, though they're polar opposites in many areas i love them both.

What is your least favorite expansion?

WotG. Where's the beef? I'm not a fan of campaign though it's fun for about the first hour you do it. the new mini expansions were extremely annoying as well. I paid $10 for a long annoying fetch and carry quest? And i did it for 2 expansions and 3 characters. Addicts are sad. The gear's great though. Sorry SE, but annoying =/= content.

How far have you progressed in missions?

Sandy 10, CoP complete, on the last fight on ToAU and ACP. Keep having connection issues/bad luck on those last two fights.

What is your favorite zone?

The chamber you fight promathia in. They really need to do another event in that arena, it was epic.

Who is your NPC hero and why?

Zeid. There's nothing scarier than a galka in a harness and gimp mask.

If Shantotto was your mom, give a good excuse for coming home 6 hours after curfew.

"Hey mom sorry i'm late but I was out following your example and ripping people off while being a super ego-maniac."

Describe your most memorable moment or proudest accomplishment in game.

Running our own linkshell with my girlfriend. I'm very much a be-your-own-boss kinda guy. We should have done this 2 years ago.

What is the largest amount of gil you have ever had at one time, and how did you go about accumulating it?

Eh, about 20 mil or so in loose cash + 30 or 40 million in currency/craftables/gear. I was big into mining, then when the mass inflation hit i moved on to cutttings/saplings. After that evened out, I was introduced to buggard farming by a friend that did it casually. I don't do much casually, I farmed the living hell out of those things. Nothing with tusks in the zone was safe. lol, it was too good to last though. my playtime took a dive earlier this year and my imperial wootz ingots ate up the last of my bankroll. I'm rebuilding now ~

What are some things you would change or implement in order to improve Final Fantasy XI?

Some real customer service, for one. Get rid of the combat/spell merit cap (8 per category is fine, but having a total cap is sorta stupid now that some folks have been playing for 6 years or more and have multiple 75 jobs).

If you were stranded on Purgonorgo Isle what 5 items would you most want to have with you?

If I'm just wishing, Apocalypse !

How do you describe Final Fantasy XI to your coworkers or computer-illiterate friends?

"It's crack. would you like some?"

What is next for you in the world of Final Fantasy XI?

Building up our LS, moving on to Einherjar.

Thanks everyone that voted for me!

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