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The Friendship System in Dragon Nest is like reputation with individuals rather than whole factions. By giving appropriate gifts to specific individuals you gain Friendship with that NPC, their friends and their faction. But, doing wrong things or befriending someone they do not like will increase your Aversion with that NPC.

Friendship Journal
Friendship Journal
Both Friendship (blue bar) and Aversion (red bar) are on a 100 point scale. If Aversion reaches 100 it reduces your Friendship by some amount but the Aversion then resets to zero.

Friendship Hint for Cleric Trainer Enoch
Friendship Hint for Cleric Trainer Enoch
Before you can get the option to give gifts to an NPC you must first complete a Friendship Quest for that person, but first you will need to get the Friendship Quest and that often requires some action that unlocks the quest. In your Friendship book (Y) any locked NPCs will tell you where they are located and give a hint about how to unlock them.

Once you have done their Friendship Quest you can give them any items you find that are on their list (each item lists who will take it on the tooltip).

A gift box of Honey in a wooden Treasure Chest.
A gift box of Honey in a wooden Treasure Chest.
There is an excellent table of all the gifts for all the NPCs, and the inter-relationships between them, at this page at ggFTW. To learn correct answers to the conversations click on an NPC name in that table, then the question.

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Crafted Gifts

There are magic gifts that can be made by crafting with two normal gift items. For instance, with the help of the blacksmith, you can craft a Pie Crumbs and Meat into a Meat Pie.

Gift recipes are listed under the General Goods tab of the blacksmith's Craft Items box.

Friendly Chat

After a certain amount of Friendship has been reached (every 5%?), the NPC will have something to discuss. (Talk) to them, then pick the blue statement. They will say something, then you will have a choice of several responses. Saying the right thing will bring you closer to them, the wrong thing will increase your Aversion.

Gift in Return

Every so many points of Friendship will get you a gift from the NPC in your mailbox. This could be vendor trash or some Lustres.

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