Forest Sanctuary (DN Place)  

Quick Facts
DNArmory map
Ashen Ruins (Lost Sanctuary)
Easy Level: 12
Abyss Level: 15
Abyss Bosses
Regenerating Dark Elf
Regenerating Goblin Slinger
Crazy Gobatic
Tornado Hakkarg
Willful Goblin
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Dragon Nest

Path: Ashen Ruins (Lost Sanctuary) —> Forest Sanctuary

Stage 1

Courtyard with Orcs and Dark Elves. Clear to open doors forward, to next Stage, and back. Be sure to go back to the door that was previously locked (at the bend), as it contains an iron treasure chest.

If you have the commission Ancient Goddess Statues at least 2 of the statues should be hidden in barrels in the courtyard.

Stage 2

A goddess statue, for Ancient Goddess Statues, is in the wood treasure chest here.

Cross the bridge, clear Orc and poochums. If you have the quest The Man Called Leon the three updates are here in a depression behind the barrels.

Down the small ramp on the left and around the outside to hall with door. Mobs spawn as you approach. Orcs, kobolds and poochums.

Stage 3

Up the stairs, clear, activate stones to open door, cross the bridge, clear and activate stones. If you are on the quest The Man Called Leon the 3 updates are here in a depression on the far-right side. Back down the stairs and clear orcs and dark elves.

Stage 4

Boss: Vepres

Lots of Goblins and the boss. Boss charges and casts lightning. Watch for blue casting circle. Mist of the time her will charge, turn and cast.

Periodically he stops moving and hunkers down. When he does this he heals himself. Stop him or you will be starting all over.

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