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A Food Effect is a status effect that alters a player's attributes until it wears off or is removed. Benefiting characters can experience a range of different effects, depending on which food they've eaten. All effects are summarized as one effect for the purposes of screen status icons, and stack with like effects (For instance, a food effect that grants Int +2 will stack with an INT Up effect).

With regard to in-game beverages, coffee and tea drinks grant a food effect while juice drinks (including the Yagudo Drink) induce a Refresh effect, while milk drinks induce a Regen effect. A player is restricted to having one of each effect on their character at any given time. One cannot have Refresh effect from juice and the spell Refresh at the same time, nor Regen effect from milk drink and a White Magic Regen spell at the same time. This limitation applies to coffee and tea as well; once used, a character cannot use another food until the effect status wears off or is otherwise removed.

Food effects can stack with either a Regen (milk) or Refresh (juice), or both at the same time.

How to Remove This Effect

Changing jobs and entering level capped areas or battlefields will not remove this effect.


Monster Abilities


How This Effect is Gained

Fields of Valor

* Field Recipes


* Player-Made Food

Final Fantasy XI

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