Fallen Gate (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Fallen Gate
Quest Series
Starting ZoneFallen Gate
Rec. Levels14 to 24
Previous Commonlands Quest Series
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

Fallen Gate was all that remained of The City of Neriak after the Rending. Until very recently it was belived that the rest of Neriak was completly destroyed, but it is now known that Queen Cristanos ordered the tunnels destroyed, sealing Neriak off from the world above. An alternate entrance is now available via a tunnel in The Commonlands to a protected valley called the Darklight Wood.

Access series

  1. Key to Fallen Gate (14) - This was the Access Quest for Fallen Gate but it is no longer required for access to the zone. It is still, however, a pre-requisite for the following quest.
  2. A Wizard's Demise (18) - Discover the fate of a previous Teir'Dal expedition to Fallen Gate

Varski series

Varski - in West Freeport

  1. Varski, Part I (14)
  2. Varski, Part II (15)
  3. Varski, Part III (20) - Kill: Shadowfang
  4. Varski, Part IV (22) - Kill: a tormented armorsmith at Hate's Forge
The Targok series in Nektulos Forest is interdependent with this series. The 2 series must be done together.

Leatherfoot Brigade series

The Sarge

  1. Charge of the Leatherfoot Brigade - Tippytoe (22)
  2. Charge of the Leatherfoot Brigade - Doopy (22)
  3. Charge of the Leatherfoot Brigade - Frambert (22)
  4. Charge of the Leatherfoot Brigade - The Sarge (24)

Logan series

Logan Belchbottom

  1. Lost Friend in Fallen Gate (24) - Find: Mr. Burpbelly
  2. Kill 'em All (19 repeatable, limit:2) - ''Kill: 50 monsters in Fallen Gate

Item-Triggered Quests

Memorial series

Examine a Purse of Offering (uncommon drop) and receive one of the four following quests:

Far Seas Requisitions

  • (15) - Dropped in Commonlands
  • (15) - Dropped in Commonlands
  • (15) - Dropped in Commonlands
  • (17) - Dropped in Commonlands
  • (18) - Dropped in Commonlands

Other Item-Triggered Quests

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