FFXIV Quest:Into the Dark (Gridania)  

Order of the Twin Adder

Grand Company Quest

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Disciples of War and Magic, Level 45


~6,231 Experience Points

4,000 Serpent Seal


The Adder's Nest

Begin the quest by speaking with Fulke.

Owl's Nest

Fulke instructs you to find Yuhelmeric, lord commander of knights of House Durendaire in the Owl's Nest in the eastern lowlands of Coerthas

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Spoiler Alert: The exact transcript follows below.

The Adder's Nest

Fulke: The trees of the Twelveswood are restless, and so too the hearts of men. An ill wind blows across Eorzea, , unsettling all it touches. Surely you feel it as well.

Fulke: The Garleans grow bolder by the day. Their soldiers are turning up nearly every corner of the realm, and ever more frequently. Even more distressing, we've recently learned that control of Dzemael Darkhold in Ishgard has fallen into imperial hands.

Fulke: Perhaps now you realize the urgency of our situation. Gridania's northern border is at our enemy's mercy. Something must be done. Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna has ordered that able men and women be sent to aid Ishgard on behalf of the Order of the Twin Adder.

Fulke: Yet there is one remaining matter that worries us...

Fulke: The Darkhold is a military fortress, and lies not far from the walls of Ishgard itself. Its construction was left incomplete, yes but even so, the knights of the north would have given their lives to defend it. The Garleans could not have gained entry easily.

Fulke: Yet gain entry they did, and the knights were slow to counter. Now the imperials are entrenched, and the resources of Ishgard are stretched thin in the effort to oust them from the Darkhold. There must be some sort of explanation for all of this.

Fulke: It seems Gridania has need of you yet again, . We must send one of our own to observe the knights closely. Only then may we hope to learn what it is they mean to do.

Fulke: We are gathering what souls we can to answer Kan-E-Senna's call and march north to fight alongside the Ishgardians and retake the Darkhold.

Fulke: If you would play your part, make for Owl's Nest in the eastern lowlands of Coerthas. Once there, seek audience with Ser Yuhelmeric, lord commander of knights of House Durendaire.

Fulke: He will grant you entry into the hold-provided you are well accompanied. You will be required to form a party of four to eight brave souls. Can you do this, ?

Fulke: Excellent. But I must warn you-the Darkhold is rife with dangers. Stint not in your preparations.

Owl's Nest

Yuhelmeric: Well met, friend. The Order of the Twin Adder sent work that you would be coming.

Yuhelmeric: We were gratified to learn of Kan-E-Senna's promise of reinforcements, but...I must confess, I had not expected them to consist of mercenary adventurers. I take from this that the might of Gridania is dedicated solely to the protection of her own borders.

Yuhelmeric: You have traveled far, and so I shall not do you the disservice of bandying words.

Yuhelmeric: The enemy has not been idle. They command vast legions, and do so masterfully. Reports from the other nations echo our own, with claims of Garlean operatives in nigh on every city, hamlet and camp in the realm-operatives disguised as adventurers, that their comings and goings might avoid suspicion.

Yuhelmeric: We have seized countless of these brigands attempting to steal their way into the Darkhold ever since the discovery of the crystal veins within. And now here you are, the latest fearless adventurer, sent to aid in the heroic reclamation...

Yuhelmeric: You will forgive me, but recent days have bred in me a certain...skepticism. The banner of the Twin Adder lends weight to your claim, but you must still prove yourself both loyal and able. I shall permit you entry into the Darkhold-but require that you slay the Garleans we know to be holding the captain's quarters. Your word is your bond, no doubt, but I shall require material proof of their demise, nonetheless.

Yuhelmeric: The place you seek will not be reached easily. The foul beasts within will see to that. Yet if you are blessed with ability, and true of purpose, then mayhap the gods will see fit to deliver you.

Yuhelmeric: Also, I will not allow you to attempt this task alone. You may enter as one of a party of four to eight members, or not at all. Your companions may be of your own choosing.

Yuhelmeric: Speak to the guards stationed before the entrance should you wish to know more. I trust you know where the Darkhold...Ahem. I gather from your vacant expression that you did not know that the Darkhold lies in the central highlands of Coerthas. Just go, and gods help us all...

Dzemael Darkhold

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