FFXIV Quest:Appetite for Destruction  

Order of the Twin Adder

Grand Company Quest

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Disciples of War and Magic, Level 25

Complete Their Finest Hour, Add other nations quests here


~1,891 Experience Points

300 Serpent Seal


The Adder's Nest

Begin the quest by speaking with Fulke.

Stillglade Fane

Enter the cutscene and speak with Lewin.

The Black Shroud

Head to Camp Nine Ivies. To the west there is a clearing (46,30). Defeat Miteling x2. You will enter a cutscene.

Stillglade Fane

Return to Stillglade Fane, enter the cutscene and speak with Cid again.

Journal Entries


Spoiler Alert: The exact transcript follows below.

The Adder's Nest

Fulke: Ah, I've been awaiting your return, . We received word that the speeches of General Raubahn Aldynn and Chief Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn were given. Were you present? Come, tell me all there is to know.

Fulke: I see... That is good. The people of each nation must be brought together before the nations themselves can unite. I only pray that day comes sooner rather than later. In the meantime, you may rely upon me to apprise the Elder Seedseer of that which you have told me.

Fulke: I thank you for all you have done, both in Gridania and elsewhere. I trust, though, that your time in the other nations has not...lured you from the path of the Twin Adder.

Fulke: Recall the words of the great elementals-we must hold to our righteousness and trust to our bravery. So long as we protect our forest, Nophica will never abandon us to the darkness.

Fulke: And yet...I mark in my fellow Gridanians' eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. These times see great changes in the Twelveswood, and the red of Dalamud grows deeper with each day's passing.

Fulke: None can say with certainty what is taking place. We know only that it was when Dalamud's visage first took on its bloody hue that the foulness in the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak stirred-a sign most ill.

Fulke: Kan-E-Senna believes Dalamud to be at the center of all that is happening, and has ordered that thorough studies be made.

Fulke: The conjurers have taken to the wood, listening for the whispers of the elementals. Men and women of the Wood Wailers, Gods' Quiver, and Garlond Ironworks have begun surveys as well, both within the forest and without.

Fulke: Ah, but there is more that you must know...yet it is not my place to tell you.

Fulke: We have dire need of you, -now more than ever. Please, you must visit Stillglade Fane.

Fulke: Many of the archers, lancers, and engineers have already assembled there. Seek out Bowlord Lewin. He will explain all.

Fulke: Then go, now. And may the Twelve and the elementals both watch over you.

Stillglade Fane

Lewin: So you are the one they call . Well met. I am Lewin, Bowlord of the God's Quiver.

Lewin: You will have seen many of my archers hereabouts, as well as lancers of the Wood Wailers, and engineers of the Garlond Ironworks. All have gathered here at the Elder Seedseer's request, to learn what we might of Dalamud.

Lewin: We have yet to learn why the lesser moon has taken on its red stain. But we have uncovered one truth that may prove vital.

Lewin: We were led to it by the whispers of the elementals. They tell us that some moons ago, a great destructive force was sent into the skies.

Lewin: What is the nature of this terrible power? By what means was it sent? By whom, and to what end? When put these questions, the elementals become terrified, and their whispers turn to silence. And so we have taken another path to seek our answers.

Lewin: Arthur is one of mine own men-as able as any I have. At my bidding, he has stolen into Ala Mhigo, and placed himself amongst the Garleans.

Lewin: Why? Because of this unknown power, this destructive force, whatever it might be... may very well prove to be the Empire's doing.

Lewin: We have invited the master of the Ironworks himself, Cid Garlond, to aid us in our investigation. There was some risk in this, but we thought it best he hear the reports of Arthur for himself.

Lewin: Which brings me to the task we would ask of you.

Lewin: Meet with Arthur int he clearing to the west of Camp Nine Ivies. Such is as close as be dare draw near the Empire's domain, lest we jeopardize all we have worked for-and Arthur's life besides.

Lewin: Travel there, and secure the area. There may be beasts, or worse things, but this deed must needs be done.

The Black Shroud

Cid: It is done. Those beasts, the dread the brightness.

Cid: Tell me, are you Arthur?

Cid: You're hurt. Can you stand?

Arthur: Don't touch me!

Arthur: That flare, the airship... You are of the Garlond Ironworks.

Arthur: You fled to Eorzea, fearing only for your own craven hides, ignorant of the atrocities suffered byt he people of Ala Mhigo. Atrocities committed by your hand! By the weapons you created!

Arthur: You bloody murderers! An eternity in the seven hells would be too merciful a punishment for your like! I ought to flay you where you stand and leave you for the crows, gods damn you. Gods damn you all!

Lewin: Arthur! Enough!

Cid: So you were there... You saw the atrocities? The devastation?

Cid: Aye, I will not deny it. The magitek weapons we created laid waste to Ala Mhigo, and slaughtered its people. Would that I could undo it. But I cannot. And now those weapons are trained upon all of Eorzea.

Cid: What the Emp-what we have done, can never be forgiven. Nor should it. A deed forgiven is too easily forgotten. We knew when we chose to walk amongst you that we would not escape your anger and your hatred.

Cid: But now is the time to fight. We mean to face the coming evil, but cannot do so without your strength. It will be hard, I know, but I must learn what you saw in Ala Mhigo.

Arthur: Liar! Craven! Stay that traitor's tongue before I rip it out! I-

Lewin: He was long in Ala Mhigo. All who were have learned to trust no one, more's the pity.

Lewin: Pray give him time. He needs rest. We will see him back to Gridania.

Lewin: I ask that you come to Gridania as well. I shall await you at Stillglade Fane. Come in your own time.

Stillglade Fane

Cid: , is it not? So you are the adventurer sent us by the Order of the Twin Adder.

Cid: Arthur is awake, and suffered me long enough to answer my questions. He is a good man, and a brave soul. He spoke of rapid fortifications being made in Ala Mhigo, and of Ala Mhigans being driven by lash and brand to make them.

Cid: He painted a godless picture, and I fear the reality of it even worse. A spy must needs smother his own feelings-to deny all that defines him. He had to stand by and watch Ala Mhigans beaten and worked and starved to death. It is enough to drive any man mad...

Cid: We are not godless machines, after all. The heart does not always accept what the mind knows. Mayhap it is all the more true for Gridanians. Nowhere have I seen an air of such love and brotherhood amongst a people.

Cid: ...We must talk of other matters. This fortification of Ala Mhigo, it seems to be the initiative of a legatus newly come to the Eorzean front.

Cid: Heavily armored units, new magitek weaponry, extensive drilling of the troops-the Empire is in full motion. Unfortunately, Arthur knew nothing of this destructive force the elementals claim was sent into the skies.

Cid: Something big is happening, and not knowing what makes it feel all the more dire.

Cid: What is this bloody legatus up to?

Cid: Those questions will have to wait. For now, I wish to thank you. Arthur would be dead were it not for your efforts.

Cid: I have told those at the Adder's Nest of all you have done.

Cid: Kan-E-Senna is appealing to the other two nations to stand together. Even so, many within the Twin Adder are moving to ensure they bring as many capable Serpents to their own banner as possible. I'd wager you'll be offered enlistment sooner than late.

Cid: I'll offer only this by way of advice-think well before swearing yourself to a cause, even one that for all appearances is good. I'll not spout any bloody nonsense about following your heart, but you'll know when it feels right.

Cid: Why not travel to the other nations and see what it is they have to offer you? I'm sure you'll land on you feet wherever you chance to go. In fact, I'm counting on it. Soon, you adventurers will decide the future of Eorzea, and I, for one, can't wait to see it.

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