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This page refers to content that was introduced with the expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms.
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As the new expansion, Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms, rolls onto the Live servers throughout May the race for the new cap of Level 60 is on! Special in-game events are planned to help![1]

May 28 to June 24-ish - Find the Lost Image

Week 1
Week 1
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Each week they will post a blurred image on the official Expedition 60 page. All you have to do is find the place in-game and take a screenshot.

How It Works!
Frogster will be posting one blurred screenshot of an obscure in-game location per week for the next four weeks. To take part in the event, you have to find the same location in game and recreate the screenshot as exactly as possible, without the blurring effect. Please keep the file size of the image small, or post it to a site like Imageshack and send us the link. Then, all you need to do is email the screenshot (or the link to it) to events@frogster-america.com.

May 21st to ? - Level 58 Olympics

The first 50 players, across all servers, to start a new character and take it all the way to Level 58 will win prizes! This event starts at 6pm Friday, May 21 and will continue until all 50 prizes have been awarded.[2]

May 7th - Whack a GM

You have learned from informants within the Guards of Varanas that there is a secret society known only by its cryptic initials "GM" and that a member of GM is planning to secretly relocate a rare and powerful creature. You have the opportunity to liberate this fantastic beast from its captors, if you can intercept their route and defeat the mysterious GM.

On Friday, May 7, the hunt for the GMs is on! If you kill the GM, you will be rewarded with a (permanent) Purgatory Nightmare Mount!

Keep an eye on the in-game broadcast messages, which will give hints about where the GM has been spotted.[3]

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