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Overview of EmpyrealKnight

We are a EGLS, Gods/sky, Limbus/Sea events, Dynamis, etc, linkshell dedicated to killing stuff. And sometimes dying.


We are a group of fun people who enjoy testing our skills and having fun while killing very large, very angry things. If you are prone to depression, massive emo fits, whine when things don't go exactly how you think they should, or dont play well with others you need not apply. If you cannot take a joke, find profanity distasteful, overreact to spilled milk situations (i.e. full alliance wipes, lost triggers etc.) you probably shouldn't apply. As a matter of fact...close this browser window immediately. Everyone else can keep reading:


  • Quintus


  • Quintus
  • Chewybunnies
  • Perrinthewolf
  • Ayreon

How to Join

Application required. Register and apply here: EmpyrealParadox

Minimum Requirements: Level: 70+, ZM14+ (Sky Access), CoP 4.2+ (Diabolos Beat)


It's considered a bonus if you also enjoy eating baby fetus' and mutilating sheep.

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