EQ:Fundament (Third Spire of the Sensei)  

Quick Facts
Fundament: Third Spire of the Sensei

Type: Active
Macro: /alt activate 1362
Expansion: Seeds of Destruction
Total AA: 15
Cooldown: 00:10:00
Classes: Monk



You summon an innate chance to respond to violence against you by increasing your evasion and powers of attack. As you continue to be attacked you will attain higher levels of evasion and attack until you reach an apex of power and then slowly return to normal.

Rank Requirements

Rk AA Lvl ExpansionEffect Prerequisites
1 5 85 Seeds of Destruction 16255 Fundament of Combat 9

2 5 85 Seeds of Destruction 16256

3 5 85 Seeds of Destruction 16257

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