Druid Rings  

With the return of Tunare, Her Druids have rediscovered the secret of travel to Her sacred stone rings. The problem was never in their training of the prayers of transportation, but in the rings themselves! The High Priestess has brought the Mother's teachings back and with it the ritual to re-consecrate the stone rings.

So far, they have managed to re-empower 7 of the many long-neglected stones in the following zones:

Many more await the Ritual of Restoration, but some are in such ruin it may be years before they can be cleansed and re-dedicated.

As a Druid, at level 25, you have to harvest a sacred leaf from the sacred bush at each of the re-empowered Druid rings. This will give you a quest entitled Blessings of Growth: (Zone Name) for each of the five active rings.


After one or all of these quests has been accepted, return to the portal trainer in your home town. You will receive a Blessings of Growth quest for each ring. The trainer offers you the option of using a portal or returning to the rings on your own. Return with the blessing to each druid ring and use them within. Once you have done this, return to the portal trainer and you will receive the ability to open a portal to each of the active Ancient Rings. These portals may be used by anyone and remain open for one minute after the druid has departed.

For non-Druids, if you want to be able to use friendly druids for transportation you must have been to that ring before and collected a sacred leaf!

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