Droughtlands (Rift Quest Series)  

Quest Series
Starting ZoneDroughtlands
Rec. Levels36 to 45
Previous Scarwood Reach
Next Shimmersand
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Quest Series
Quest lists direct from our database:

Moonshade Highlands and Droughtlands are mostly concurrent. When you find the quests getting too tough at one, go to the other for awhile.

Ancient Wardstones

In various places throughout this zone you will find an Ancient Wardstone. Use your Activate Ancient Wardstone Ascended ability to activate the wardstone and summon an NPC (Note: He may already be there if someone else has activated the wardstone recently). Each completion of one of these Daily quests will reward you with a Vile Sourceshard and will add an additional defender NPC to the Wardstone.

For a complete recap of all we know about these artifacts, including locations and quests, see Ancient Wardstone

Activating all 10 Wardstones at once will summon Skirathos!

Riverbank Cutoff

Jahan Rizel

Lantern Plateau

Matius SerinGregor ScreppGladdox FwyntindleAdalia MerrilIrrena AlfinderOslo Len

  1. Trapper's Rest:
  2. Trapper's Rest:
  3. Stalwart Rise:
  4. Onward:

Trapper's Rest

Trevon Frendell

  1. Nowhere to Run (36) - Protect Trevon Frendell
  2. Breakthrough (36) - Collect the Tattered Map

Lantern Hook

Helena Brass

  1. Meeting the Merchants (37) - Speak with Bevin Musel and Lane Bridges
  2. Next:
  3. A Bit More Irregular (37) - Kill Felix the Refined
  4. Action and a Bit of Coin (43) - Speak to Tarik at Sandaxle Pit in Shimmersand

Diana Merridain

  1. To the Dogs (38) - Collect Cathan's Cache
  2. Let Me Draw You a Map (45) - Speak to Verick Sevoris at Endless Watch in Stillmoor

Effrin Shane

  1. In the Name of Lantern Hook (38) - Raise the Lantern Hook Standard and kill Mongrok

Elisa Randolph

  1. Carousing with the Cartel (38) - Recover the Cartel Goods, Skins and Spices

Darel Ranes

  1. Burying Blackclaw (38) - Kill 8 Blackclaw Brutes and Enforcers, 5 Blackclaw Berserkers and 5 Blackclaw Magi

Ren Greer

  1. First:
  2. Burning Confrontation (38) - Burn 4 Centaur Tents

Jon Tom

  1. Clearing the Rest (38) - Kill 16 Fleshrend Centaurs
  2. The Three Chiefs (38) - Kill Khulos the Huntmaster, Uthul the Hierophant and Spiritmaster Tharus


Ben Kwally

  1. First:
  2. The Sting (39) - Kill Venom Eye

Jillian Rale

  1. Bless and Purge (39) - use the Blessed Decanter to purge 5 corpses
  2. A Bloom in Desolation (39) - Collect 12 Grimmit Blooms

Mister Opal

Swollen CorpseSally Callens

  1. What Once Was Lost (39) - Bring the engagement Ring to Sally Callens at Lantern Hook
  2. Ridgetooth Massacre (39) - Kill 12 Ridgetooths

Atasha Kirren

  1. Not Forgotten (39) - Collect the etchings of Enkanen and Varu
  2. A Story Unfinished (40) - Find Hadrik Renlo at Broodwatch Post


Bounty Notice - Group (3)


Captain Deltai

Broodwatch Post

Elsin Rane

Aldred Kallus

  1. For Those Bled (40) - Collect 12 Tainted Blood
  2. Untamed (40) - Use the Blood Lure on 3 Stormbrood Beastmasters

Hadrik Renlo

  1. Among Snakes (40) - Collect the Ethian Stonework in the Stormbrood Lair

Stormbrood Lair

Charred Corpse

  1. Tools of the Trade (39) - Collect Sinew Separator, Ritual Blade an Sacrificial Sword

Spitescar Bank

  1. Tyrolian BurgherJinanne Tonux
  2. Cornelius MagroxHazan FezilNeseen SotepTassalia OgronLethran Solitan
    1. Trained Raptors:
    2. Around Harlan's Lament:
    3. Upper Harlan's Lament:
  3. Man or Moose (41) - Find Moose in Hunter's Camp

Hunter's Camp

When you have acquired enough Hunter's Tokens from the Daily quest you can purchase Pants (4), Shoulders (4) and Tunic (6) from Big Tom, but seriously who is gonna stay here long enough to get 14 tokens?

MooseRozalen FeeruleSureshot the Marked

  1. When Predator Becomes Prey (42) - (Hunting) Kill 8 Heights Prowlers and 3 Heights Stalkers
  2. Lecu the Claw (42) - kill Lecu the Claw

Rozalen Feerule

  1. That Which Remains (42) - Collect 8 Hunters' Remains
  2. Mundane Needs of the Arcane Hand (42) - Deliver the Magister's Provisions to Suraph the Pyremage at Fallback

Sureshot the Marked

  1. Finding Flightsong (42) - Collect Flightsong from the corpse of Eledriel in Carrion Heights
  2. Carrion's Song (42) - Use Flightsong to weaken Carrion so you can kill her.


Each completion of the following quests rewards some coin, XP, and a Hunter's Token that can be used to purchase special gear from Big Tom.


Suraph the PyremageMelicore RendosRuriel Zelus

  1. Ants:
  2. Enkaru:
  3. Dropping the Eth Bomb (43) - Charge the Soul Sphere at the Ethian Monument
  4. Tough Negotiations (43) - Defeat Arloon
  5. Revenge of the Stormbrood (43) - Speak with Null Aximander at Brigand's Bluff

Splitmouth Ponds


  1. Equal to the Savages (43) - Defeat Jormgar
  2. Close One Eye, Step to the Side (43) - Deliver Daelah's Promise to Suraph the Pyremage at Fallback

The Arena - Group(2): DaelahKornath

  1. Prepare to Fight (43) - Speak with Kornath at Splitmouth Ponds
  2. Norghar the Heavy Handed (43) - Defeat Norghar the Heavy Handed
  3. Tyran the Armbreaker (43) - Defeat Tyran the Armbreaker
  4. Argoor the Tear Bringer (43) - Defeat Argoor the Tear Bringer
  5. Burl, Wengar, and Gurnok (43) - Defeat Burl Knifetongue, Wengar, and Gurnok the Horse-Eater
  6. A New Champion (43) - Speak with Daelah at Splitmouth Ponds

Group(3): Arlooz

Group(3): Argroo

Brigand's Bluff

Null Aximander

Kyrathi BurulAdriana WeaverNull AximanderCathar

  1. Aiding Adriana (44) - Find Adriana Weaver in Redoubt
  2. Adriana's Amulet (44) - Collect Adriana's Amulet from a Stormbrood Mage
  3. In the Image of My Enemy (44) - Speak with Arble Bloodfang, Irben the Taskmaster, and Ronaar Longtongue
  4. Thwarting the Emberlord (44) - Kill Morkael and power down the Ethian Displacer
  5. Words of the Damned (44) - Speak with Null Aximander at Brigand's Bluff
  6. First Eth, then Mathosia (45) - Find Seriva Agorivitch in Endless Watch, Stillmoor

Ishanti LeighKyrathi Burul

  1. After In the Image of My Enemy:
  2. Cry for Help (44) - Speak to Gunji in Sandaxle Pit, Shimmersand

From here you have been given two paths to explore:

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