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Runes of Magic decided to keep things simple. Rather than breaking up the basic currencies into platinum, gold, silver and copper as so many games do, they have only a single common coin, gold.


Diamonds are an in-game currency, purchased with real-world money via the Runes of Magic website, that can be used to buy helpful items from the in-game Item Shop.

Diamond value in terms of real world is variable, as the Price per Diamond decreases the more you buy at once.

  • If you buy 1,000Diamonds ($42.00)  for $39.99, each Diamond is worth 3.999 cents. So, a White Warhorse (Permanent) xpurple (Ggl), which costs 395Diamonds ($16.59)  is worth $15.80


Phirius Token Coin

Event Currency

Events will frequently introduce an item that can be earned in various ways throught the world and can be exchanged with special merchants for rewards.

Craft Festival Celebration CertificateCrafting Festival
Breathable SilkColorweave Festival
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