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Quest Series


Throughout Middle-earth, at various levels, you will be offered Crafting quests. These generally require you to make or provide something. Some of them can be made by others and given to you, but most cannot.

The following quests all require you to obtain specific materials made by a specific Profession, but you have the choice to make, buy or bum them.


In addition to harvesting them yourself or buying them from the Auction House, you can purchase Work Orders from certain NPCs. Once you purchase a Work Order, talk to the NPC to place the order. When you return (he will tell you how long you must wait) you will get a key to a materials locker where you can collect your order. Each Work Order will provide a quantity of the material you asked for, and a few of the next higher grade.

If you have a friend or alt that can gather the materials, it is worth your time to do that. The price vs. quantity returned is simply not worth it. For instance, we bought a Work Order: Light Hides, paid 10Silver  for it, and all we got was 9 Light Hides<s> and 3 Medium Hides<s>. Frankly, if you must pay for it you are better off buying them on the Auction House.


Tanner Boffin<s> in Overhill




mob name missing in Duillond


These quests are mainly involved in rank progression. They are given to you when you master a certain rank and are required before you can move on to the next rank.


  1. A Love of the Land<s> (50) - from any Master Craftsman


  1. The Call of Precious Things, Part I<s> (15) - from any Novice Jeweller, travel to The Forsaken Inn in the Lone-lands, unlocks Journeyman
  2. The Call of Precious Things, Part II<s> (25) - from any Novice Jeweller, travel to The Forsaken Inn in the Lone-lands, unlocks Expert


  1. The Path to Learning, Part I<s> (10) - from any Novice Scholar, travel to Duillond, unlocks Journeyman


  1. The Heart of the Wood, Part I (10) - from any Novice Woodworker, unlocks Journeyman
  2. The Heart of the Wood, Part II (20) - unlocks Expert
  3. The Heart of the Wood, Part III (25) - unlocks Artisan
  4. The Heart of the Wood, Part IV (40) - unlocks Master



Ethel Applegarth<s>, the Scholar's Guild-leader is in the Guild-hall in Rivendell. The door is on the second floor of The last Homely House.

  1. Introduction: Scholar's Guild<s> (1) - from any Crafting Guild Trainer<s>


The Guild Master of the Weaponsmith's Guild is Cottar Tunnelly<s>. The Guild Hall is in the southeast corner of The Maker's Hall in Thorin's Hall.

  1. Introduction: Weaponsmith's Guild (1) - from any Crafting Guild Trainer<s>

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