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Class: Cleric (DNASkills)

Equipment Lustre: Topaz
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This is a Base Class.

A cleric is a tough, armored friend. He doesn't do a lot of damage but his healing and support skills more than make up for it. He is also welcome in any party.

He believes that all evil must be exterminated. He does whatever needs to be done without question on a quest for righteousness. He is a bastard son to an untrue father, with a cruel stepmother. He believes only good can come from bloodshed.


Clerics have very strong defense. They have the ability to force monsters to focus on them to help support a party. They also have many healing and supports skills.


Clerics will want be sure to have a lot of intellect. This will boost their healing spells as well as increase their max mp to allow for more spells to be used. Vitality is also good to raise their max hp. Defense is good to help survive attacks from mobs.

Check out the stats page to find out what each stat is used for.

Armor Sets

The following sets share appearance but give no set bonuses. Rare and above can be improved through Crafting.

1Novice Cleric
10BrassMonk Trainee
16 Blue Lion
23Mana RidgeWar Priest
24 White LionAncient
31 Temple Knight
32 Cerberus
40 Apocalypse
Twilight Years Manticore

ArcherSharpshooter (Artillery, Sniper) • Acrobat (Tempest, Windwalker) • Hunter (Detonation, Ranger)
(kDN only) Academic • (Engineer)
ClericPaladin (Crusader, Guardian) • Priest (Inquisitor, Saint) • Monk (Champion, Impulse)
SorceressElementalist (Ice Witch, Pyromancer) • Mystic (Chaos Mage, War Mage) • Warlock (Illusionist, Mistress)
WarriorSwordsman (Gladiator, Marauder) • Mercenary (Barbarian, Destroyer) • Avenger (Abyss Walker, Dark Knight)
TinkererAlchemist (Adept, Physician) • Engineer (Gearmaster, Shooting Star)

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