Chronicles of Telara (Rift)  

The Chronicles of Telara are dungeons tailored for one or two players upon reaching level 50. The number of players is denoted in the description of the dungeon. You can optionally complete the quest Preparing for Attunement for an introduction to these zones. This quest beings with either Asha Catari or Cyril Kalmar depending upon your faction. Once complete, click on the Chronicles button on the game menu or use the J hotkey. This will bring you to a selection window. To enter a Chronicle, click the Enter button next to its name. Two-player Chronicles can be entered solo, although you're warned first that it's a two-player zone.

These instances can be completed only once per day and resets at the same time as daily quests on your server. When locked to an instance, it will have an orange border around it and the description will tell you what time it resets.

This is a marvelous chance for those that are not in top raid guilds to see and experience more of the story of Telara.

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Chronicle Zones

Ceremony of Attunement

Meridian Ceremony
Meridian Ceremony
These one-man zones are Trion's introduction to Chronicles and a way to celebrate all players achieving Level 50. Upon achieving level 50 characters will receive an in-game letter from their faction leaders sending them on a quest and introducing them to Planar Attunement. Unlike other Chronicles, this is intended to be soloable and will lead to your first Planar Attunement points.

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