Character Creation (FFXI)  

To create a character on FFXI, you will first need a content ID. Once you have this, you may go to the character creation screen. The first thing you do is you pick your race. Next you pick which hair style/face you want to have. Next you pick your hair color. After hair color is when you pick your body size. Then you pick which job you want to be. Next is where you pick your name. After you've picked your name, you get to pick your nation.

Picking your nation is important. If you pick the correct nation for your race, you will recieve an extra piece of equipment to use. Each nation has a ring they give out to the main races of the nation if you start there.

WindurstWindurstian ringMithra and TaruTaru
BastokBastokan RingHume and Galka
San d'OriaSan d'Orian ringElvaan

Currently FFXI has 5 races, and 19 jobs. When you first create your character, you can be any race, but there are only 6 jobs you may use at the beginning. You must be level 30 in one of these 6 jobs before you may progress further.

Five Races


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