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September 2009 Player of the Month


Real Name: Cathy

Age: 29

*Character Name: Catwho

*Character Race: Tarutaru

Character Job(s): WHM BLM RDM BRD THF

*Nation: San d'Oria

*Rank: 10

*Server: Seraph

Linkshell: Yamato

Linkshell Website:

Real World Location: Athens, GA

Career / Employment Industry / Current Level of School: Freelance Editor/Writer

Hobbies: Cosplay, Cross-stitch

Family: One husband, one kitty cat

Your Web site:


When recalling the greatest moments of your life, where does winning PoM for the second time rank?

Above winning 7th grade language arts achievement, but about the same as getting All State Band a second time in high school

Who is your personal favorite poster on Allakhazam and why?

lolgaxe+1 - sometimes funny can't save a thread, but it'll make its death all the lulzier.

What keeps you playing FFXI?

The friends I've made are the main reason to stay (and the obligations I've set for myself as a result.) I'm lucky to be in linkshells with some of the most wonderful people on Seraph.

If SE decided to shut down the servers tomorrow, where would you want your character to be when the worlds came to an end?

Snug in bed in the mog house, dreaming of adventures past.

What has occupied most of your time in-game during the past year?

Aside from endgame, it's been a meriting grindfest for me. I was trying to finish all my merits for all my jobs, before I gave up and decided to just level out THF to 75 instead. I've still got about 150 merits left.

What is your favorite battle in the game?

Dynamis Lord. When it's timed right, it's like Leonard Stravinsky conducting a rocket launch. It's so beautiful when everything is done exactly right and 36 people bring a REALLY nasty monster to his knees in about a minute.

What is your top in-game accomplishment since your last PoM title?

I started salvage with a great group of folks and I'm 3/5 Marduk now.

What is your current top priority in the game?

Finishing up Gjallarhorn. I was originally saving currency for Mjollnir, but the horn is more useful.

What is your favorite linkshell, and why do you enjoy it?

Oh, hard question! I love both my Dynamis and endgame shells, but I associate them with more "work" in game than I do "fun" since I do websites and databases and such for them. These days I have most of my "fun" with TheDrunkenClam, a social shell used by my Salvage group during off hours. It's the first group I've done regular voice chat sessions with as well, which makes Salvage so much better.

If you could lead the Allied Forces of Altana, how would you win the Crystal War?

One of those perfectly timed Dynamis Lord kills ought to do the trick!

What part of Vana'diel that we haven't seen yet would you like to explore?

The real Tavnazia, not the Safehold we're familiar with. I'd like us to be able to take it back from the Wyrms in a future expansion. Perhaps the ferry dock in the Tenshodo headquarters in Jeuno can have a boat that goes there.

Where in Vana'diel would you most like to go on vacation?

I'm a mountain and forest kind of person. I'd like someone to build an inn along Phanauet Channel, with hiking to view beautiful waterfalls along the way.

If you could build something in Vana'diel, what would you build and where?

Aside from the inn in the channel, I want the Bastokan engineers to rebuild and repair the central bridge in Ro'Maeve. I'm tired of having to take the stairs and risk getting killed by angry weapons.

What do you think of SE's approach of using mini expansions?

They're too repetitive and easy. We griped about the difficulty of CoP when it was released, and SE responded with ToAU, whereupon people griped about how it was too easy. I think they struck the right balance with Wings of the Goddess, but they went back to "too easy" with the mini expansions again. I'd also like to have new areas to explore and much deeper storyline. I don't think we need new jobs at this point, however; there's not much else they could add.

If you could ask the FFXI development team any question, what would it be?

For the love of Altana, why have you not added internal scheduling or instancing to Dynamis already? Having to fight off competing linkshells to "claim" a zone is a terrible, terrible idea, and that's what happens in Xarcabard across many servers these days. (Also, ban the NASA botters already.)

Which in-game spell, item, weapon or ability would you want to have in real life, and how would you use it?

Warp! Walk to the grocery story, grab my groceries, and warp home. Save me a lot of gas and get me some exercise to boot.

Will you be playing FFXIV? If so, do you already have plans for which race/class/city you will choose?

Unless Square Enix can ensure the integrity of accounts (this latest spate of account hackings has me very nervous, especially for 20 terrifying minutes when I thought I was a victim just the other day), I'm not sure I will play FFXIV. It's too much effort to invest in a game only to have your account compromised through no fault of your own.

Answer this question: "Catwho, you've just been named a two-time FFXI ZAM Player of the Month, what are you going to do next?"

I'm going to Dragon*Con! (Well, going back tomorrow. I spent most of today in the green room there schmoozing with people way more famous than me.)

And a final note from Catwho:

A big shout out to my best friend Lahurah, who stays friends with me despite all my faults, and to my husband Brent, for putting up with a video game addiction that has spanned over five years and still marrying me anyway.

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