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Arms1H Sword, Dagger, Wand, 2H Stave
ArmorRobes, Cloth (no Shield)
Skills:  General    Class    Elite  

This page refers to content that was introduced on 6/12/2012 with the expansion, Chapter V: Fires of Shadowforge.
Exploiting the Dark Arts

The ability to control and channel psychic forces makes Warlocks dangerous opponents. Psychic powers and dark elemental attacks from afar are their specialties. With enough channelled energy, they can invoke powerful curses, crippling foes and bolstering allies.

Following info is from in-game...
Warlocks stand out of the crowd. They've come to be known as the chosen ones by virtue of their mastery of extraordinary powers. Guiding souls via a psychic energy link and a unique talent for manipulating dark elemental energy are two such powers.

Warlocks use "focus" to concentrate their awareness. Focus assembles psychic energy that is in turn used to either attack enemies or withstand dark elemental attacks. In the process, Warlocks can earn extra "psi." Once they're accumulated enough of this unique essence, Warlocks can unleash the psychic potential of their own souls, weaving powerful curses that ruin enemies and boost allies.

Advice and Hints

Warp Charge is one of the very-few ranged skills in the game that ignores the vagaries of line-of-sight. You will never get an Obstruction message with this skill.

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