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Every day, one tradeskill group mission is made available, in The Village of Shin at Outsiders' Landing, from Madria Varas.

The general instructions for all Tradeskill Group Missions are below. Any differences will be noted on the individual quest pages.

Although the missions are level 80, they can be done by any artisan or group of artisans above level 50.

You can purchase teleportation devices from Koros Splinterlimb, the Far Seas Supply Division Faction Merchant, on the first floor of the outpost at Outsiders' Landing on the Isle of Mara, for 6 , to travel to and from the instance.

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The exact instance you need to travel to is named on the quest page. Once inside the instance, hail the NPC to get his sub-quest (which is also named on the quest page). You will need to finish the sub-quest 9 times for each stage.

This mission requires creating 3 items from all 9 tradeskills in 4 stages, for a total of 12 of each item and 108 combines. This can be done solo, but will take approximately 3 hours. The mission can be completed with up to 6 artisans of any level between 50 and 80. If you create more than 3 of an item in one stage, the extra items will carry over into the next stage.

Your progress on these missions can be checked by examining the supply inventory ledger on the podium near the quest NPC. Totals on the ledger are not updated until you hand in the sub-quest. The recipe book, Standard Equipment Specifications Manual, is found on the same table. All materials and fuels required for these recipes are gathered from chests in the camp.


Once you have picked up your quest and zoned into the mission, it takes a bit of investigating to find the materials (they are all ground spawns, so you do not need to bring anything), the recipe book, the progress tracking book, and the NPC who gives the subquest.

Each phase of the construction requires 3 items crafted by all 9 tradeskill classes. There are 4 phases to the mission, so that's a total of 108 total combines. The entire quest can be done solo, but it will take over 3 hours to complete, especially since out of those recipes, you are doing almost all of them with foreign reaction arts. It's really best if you can get a group of diverse tradeskill classes, as a Jeweler will have a tough time with the Forge, just like a Woodworker will stumble a bit on the Sewing Mannequin. :)

The quest NPC gives each of you the "complete 3 items" quests. To get credit for the items you are creating, you must be on this quest while you are crafting. At this time, it is possible to create more than 3 items and turn them in at once, allowing you to do all 4 phases simultaneously. It is unknown if this "bug" will be fixed in the future. Note that if you go linkdead or are otherwise disconnected, you will lose all of this "extra" progress.

It will take a bit of coordination to figure out which items each member of your party will craft. Even with a full group of 6, three of your members will be making recipes for a foreign tradeskill, so it will take a bit more effort to make the items with full durability.

I strongly advise that you have your tradeskillers do the recipes with which they are most familiar first. For instance, have a jeweler do the work bench recipe. Have a sage do the engraved desk recipe. They will be able to complete them in just a few steps with almost no chance for failure. Then focus on the tough ones -- the tradeskill recipes for which you have no present members.

New Reaction Arts

The reaction arts here though are completely different than you are used to! If you pull off each reaction art, they give a BIG bonus, but if you fail to correctly counter an event, well let's just say you can be killed by the forge again! How bad? Well, a little steam burn on the oven can take a fourth of your health!

Also, it seems that Insight, the least of the three rare events, is a lot less rare during these missions. You can expect to get an Insight at least once per 10 combines, and sometimes more.

And if that was not enough, when you correctly counter any crafting event, you have a high chance to have your mana pool refreshed!


In addition, a chest will reward one or more of these items:

  1. A tradeskill class-specific piece of jewelry granting a bonus to critical success chance (See the Far Seas Supply Division faction vendor in Isle of Mara to see all the possible jewelry.
  2. One of three earrings with overall harvesting skill boosts (tradesman's/artisan's/crafter's)
  3. One of two wieldable tradeskill weapons
  4. Level 70-79 rare material
  5. an extra Far Seas Trading Company Token
  6. One of four recipe books (non-charged) that allows any level 70+ Artisan to craft Void Shard Armor at a slightly lower Void Shard cost.

To get the chest you need to follow the action that occurs after you complete the quest. Wherever it stops, that is where the chest will appear. The chests are subject to your group's looting ruleset.

Far Seas Manuals

NOTE 1: This information relates to manuals that were dropped in group instances during TSO. When Sentinel's Fate was released, these particular manuals were moved to the Far Seas merchants in Mara, and different manuals took their place in chests.

NOTE 2: (Destiny of Velious). When DoV was released, the previous recipe books became purchaseble from the Far Seas vendor for 10 tokens + 19g. The NEW recipe books for DoV are *ONLY* available as mission drops. For example, you can purchase Far Seas Strategic Pricing Guide, Volume I from the vendor. However, the recipes for DoV are in the Volume I, 3rd Edition, which is *not* the one for sale on the vendor.

The Far Seas Strategic Pricing Manuals are the most coveted rewards from these missions. According to Domino [1]:

There is at minimum a 50% chance of a book dropping (random between all 4). That's the RNG for you! Chances of getting drops become slightly better if you finish the mission in under an hour, which gives a bit of a benefit to having a group along. But even if you take 10 hours, you still have a 50% chance of a book (and 25% chance of a rolling pin/spoon). I certainly didn't want to make it impossible for people to get items if they do choose to solo! But there is at the same time a small benefit to grouping up to do it faster. So now you know. (And no, I'm not going to post the exact % rate on every item as that would only lead to enormous threads of people debating what they SHOULD be. Suffice it to say the drop rates were discussed within the dev team prior to launch and set so it's still not too rare to get every item if you do choose to solo, but there is a bonus benefit to completing in under an hour.)

Game Update 54

Game Update #54
Will of a Tyrant
December 9, 2009

With GU54:

  • Tradeskill group missions now reward guild status points in addition to the other rewards.
  • The tradeskill quest Far Seas Supply Division - Rescuing the Relics is now a persistent instance, but requires fewer statues, and has an additional reward.

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