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Salvage consists of four endgame battlefields in which single alliances battle enemies for a variety of rare drops. The proper combination of Salvage drops can be turned in with other crafting ingredients to receive incredibly rare pieces of armor. Some of these armor pieces rank among the very best in the game.

The four salvage battlefields include:

Requirements to Enter Salvage

Entering Salvage is easy for most high-level players. Listed here are the requirements to gain admission into a Salvage battlefield:

Rules of Salvage

  1. Players have exactly 100 minutes to complete their objectives. Unlike Dynamis and Limbus, there are no time extensions available in Salvage.
  2. At least 6 players must enter the battlefield. Once the run has started, the number of people in the zone can drop below that number.
  3. A full alliance (18 people) is the maximum number of people that can enter.
  4. All party/alliance members need a Remnants Permit. All permits are lost upon entering.
  5. Alliances are barred from entering if someone is missing a Remnants Permit or if someone has cells from a previous salvage run in his or her inventory or storage facilities.
  6. Players can get new Remnants Permits after the next Japanese Midnight following the day the permit was purchased.
  7. Multiple alliances can enter instanced versions of the same salvage zone. Unlike Dynamis and Limbus, zone reservations are not needed.
  8. Experience points are lost when dying in Salvage.
  9. White teleporters transport players to higher levels inside Salvage zones. All players are warped when the teleporter is activated. HP and MP are restored upon teleporting.
  10. Defeating a megaboss spawns a teleporter that takes the alliance out of the zone.

Unlocking Abilities in Salvage

Upon entering Salvage, players are unable to equip items, they can't use magic or job abilities and they don't have access to their sub jobs.
Players must unlock these abilities by using various cells that can drop from any monster in Salvage.
This effect is known as the Pathos of Alzadaal.

Part of the strategy of Salvage is knowing which jobs should receive which cells first. Cells can be traded or sold in bazaars to other players.

Cell Tables

Congestus CellRemoves VIT Down effect
Fractus CellRemoves DEX Down effect
Humilus CellRemoves HP Down effect
Mediocris CellRemoves CHR Down effect
Nimbus CellRemoves AGI Down effect
Pannus CellRemoves STR Down effect
Pileus CellRemoves MND Down effect
Spissatus CellRemoves MP Down effect
Velum CellRemoves INT Down effect
Castellanus CellUnlocks head and neck equipment
Cirrocumulus CellUnlocks back and waist equipment
Cumulus CellUnlocks body equipment
Incus CellUnlocks weapons and shields
Radiatus CellUnlocks hand equipment
Stratus CellUnlocks leg and feet equipment
Undulatus CellUnlocks ranged and ammo equipment
Virga CellUnlocks earring and ring equipment
Opacus CellUnlocks job abilities, weapon skills
Duplicatus CellUnlocks support job
Praecipitatio CellUnlocks magic

Armory Crates

In addition to dropping cells, monsters in Salvage also have the chance to drop armory crates filled with a variety of temporary items. These items are rare/ex and cannot be traded, so use caution when deciding who takes what from the crates.

Armory Crate Items
Assassin's Drink
(Increases Magic Accuracy)
Barbarian's Drink
(Increases Attack)
Body Boost
(HP Boost)
Braver's Drink
(+15 to all attributes)
Champion's Drink
(Increases Critical Hit Rate
Cleric's Drink
(Divine Veil + Erase effect)
Dusty Elixer
(Restores a few HP and MP)
Dusty Ether
(Gain 150 MP)
Dusty Potion
(Regain 300 HP)
Dusty Reraise
(Reraise III)
Fanatic's Drink
(Invincibility to physical attacks)
Fighter's Drink
(Accuracy increase)
Fool's Drink
(Magic Defense)
Gnostic's Drink
(Enmity generation is reduced)
Healing Powder
(Curaga II)
Hermes Quencher
(Flee for 30 seconds)
Mana Boost
(MP Boost)
Mana Powder
(Nearby party members regain MP)
Monarch's Drink
(TP gradually restored)
Oracle's Drink
(Increases MAB)
(Resets job abilities)
Shepherd's Drink
(Restores pet HP)
Soldier's Drink
(Slightly increases attack)
Spy's Drink
(Gives Haste effect)
Strange Juice
(refresh 3 mp/tick)
Strange Milk
(Regen 5 HP/tick)
Vicar's Drink
(Removes 2 status ailments)
Wizard's Drink
(Max HP boost)

Rewards in Salvage

Finishing a piece of gear from a Salvage Armor Set requires players to obtain three specific pieces of rare/ex armor. Getting these three pieces requires players to accomplish objectives in all four Salvage areas. These objectives include:

  1. Obtain a Remnants card from one area.
  2. Use the card to spawn a NM that drops a level 15 armor piece.
  3. Defeat a Salvage boss to obtain a level 25 armor piece.
  4. Defeat a notorious monster that drops a level 35 body piece.

Specific combinations of these armor pieces are used to synth finished pieces of Salvage gear. Check out each Salvage Armor Set for more information.

Sockets and Slots

Targetable spaces called "sockets" and "slots" spawn notorious monsters when traded certain items. Trading 1-5 cells of the same kind to a socket spawns a NM that will drop double the number of cells traded if defeated. Trading a Remnants Card to a slot spawns a notorious monster that drops the level 15 body pieces needed for a piece of Salvage gear.

Socket Notorious Monsters
AreaNM Name
Salvage - Zhayolm RemnantsPoroggo Madame
Salvage - Arrapago RemnantsVile Wahzil
Salvage - Bhaflau RemnantsFlux Flan
Salvage - Silver Sea RemnantsGakke

Slot Notorious Monsters
AreaNM NameCard Required
Salvage - Zhayolm RemnantsJakkoSilver Sea Card
Salvage - Arrapago RemnantsPrincess PuddingBhaflau Card
Salvage - Bhaflau RemnantsDemented JalaawaArrapago Card
Salvage - Silver Sea RemnantsDon PoroggoZhayolm Card

Salvage Bosses

The powerful bosses of Salvage each drop two pieces of level 25 rare/ex armor. The bosses include:

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