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Atlantica Online

Main Character Mercenaries

There are 9 mercenaries the player can choose from in the Character Creation mode. When referring to them in the game they often end with Main (ex. Staff Main). They are:

Hire-able Mercenaries

There are many other mercenaries that you can hire as you progress through the game. They come at different grades, the higher the grade the stronger and more difficult to hire they are.

D Class Mercenary

C Class Mercenary

B Class Mercenary

A Class Mercenary

Mercenary Type

There are 4 types of mercenaries, each have their own pros and cons.

These mercenaries attack the enemy with melee strikes. They are generally physically strong, and have high vitality and defense. Their action power varies with each class of mercenary, but on average melee mercenaries generate fewer action points than other types of mercenaries.

Swordsmen, Spearmen, Vikings, Beast Trainers, Exorcists, Lady Knights, Northern Vikings, Spartans, Sailors, Punishers, Druids, Champions, Generals, Valkyries, and Warlords are all considered melee mercenaries.

These are mercenaries that attack the enemy at long range. Their physical strength is generally weak, but their action power is high.

Archers, Gunners, Prophets, Inventors, Janissaries, Dark Archers, Hwarangs, Minstrels, Empresses, Sheriffs, and Vampires are considered long range mercenaries.

These are mercenaries who specialize in wielding powerful magic. They are physically weaker than other mercenaries, but on average they generate more action points.

Shamans, Monks, Witches, Princesses, Oracles, Elementalists, Socrcerers, and Goddesses belong to this category of mercenary.

Mercenaries that do a wide range of damage using cannons are called bombing mercenaries. They are less precise than long range mercenaries but can damage a much larger group of targets.

Artillerymen and Cannoneers are both bombing mercenaries.

Hiring Mercenaries

There are a couple of ways you can hire mercenaries.

Tutorial Quest
You can hire basic mercenaries during the tutorial quest. You get to choose 2 mercenaries for your party (Swordsman and Gunner) for free during the tutorial.

Merchant NPCs
You can get additional mercenaries after level 5 from Jang Gil San, Ou Yang Feng, Shuichi or Im Guk-jung. They will let you hire mercenaries like Swordmen, Spearmen, Gunners, Archers and Shamans for gold.

Wandering Mercenaries
You can recruit all class D mercenaries by finding them wandering throughout the world. They can be seen on roads or in towns. You have to greet them and give them gifts to convince them to join you. When you party is full and you convince a wandering mercenary to join you, they will instead give you a Mercenary Box.

Mercenary Quests
You can get advanced classes of mercenaries like Monks, Beast Trainers and Witches by completing mercenary recruitment quests.

Merc. Name Quest NPC Start Lvl.
Beast TrainerBeast Trainer Nari44
Lady KnightJanet95
JanissaryAl Feren96
SpartanAncient Spartan Hero100
PirateMary Read100
ElementalistWise Orenda 100
DruidRaging Wind100
ChampionOfficer Odysseus110
HwarangKim Yoo Shin112

Firing Mercenaries

After clicking the magnifying glass button in your inventory window, click the Fire button. This is how you can fire a mercenary.

When you fire your mercenary, you have to pay a certain amount of severance, and once you fire them, you can't undo it. Be careful.

Gaining Levels

After gaining a certain amount of experience, you will automatically advance to the next level. The stats for characters are set, and increased stats are applied automatically when leveling up.

You get one Skill Point and one Bonus Point when you move up a level.

Skill Points
Skill Points are used to increase any of your magic skills by one level by using the appropriate book for that magic skill.
  • Skill Books are divided into levels [I], [II], [III], [IV], and [V]. Each can increase skills up to level 20, 40, 60, and 80.
    • To raise your skill to level 61 and higher, you must upgrade your character level to [Hero II].
    • To raise your skill to level 71 and higher, you must upgrade your character level to [Hero IV].

Bonus Points
A Bonus Point is used to randomly increase one stat. To sped a bonus point you must use a Growth Vial. One bonus point will be subtracted and one of the stats of the character who uses it will randomly increase by 5.
  • Growth Vials are divided into levels [I], [II], [III], [IV], and [V]. The level of the Growth Vials that can be used depends on how many Bonus Points you have already used on that character.


When you reach a certain level, you can upgrade. Upgrades are possible at levels 20, 50, 80, 100, 120, and 130.

Ashen/Giant/Phoenix/Redemption/Dragon Crystals are needed for level 20 and 50 upgrades, and Ashen/Giant/Phoenix/Redemption/Dragon Jewels are needed for level 80 and up.

  • To upgrade an advanced mercenary, you need Giant/Phoenix/Redemption/Dragon/Multi-Hued Soul Crystals or Jewels.


All mercenaries come with 1 basic magic skill when hired. Depending on the mercenary type, they can learn up to 5 magic skills.


When a mercenary reaches level 100, he or she can be independent. You can do it through Fugger, who is northeast of Lisbon.

There are a couple of rules about making a mercenary independent:

  • The mercenary cannot have any equipment or items.
  • The mercenary must be younger then 50 years of age.
  • One user can make a maximum of 10 independent mercenaries.
Unfortunately, once they become independent, you cannot hire them again.

Friendship with Independent Mercenary
Independent Mercenaries will send you mail every month (1 per day in real time). This might be a request or just a thank you letter. If you fulfill one request, your friendship will increase by 1.
  • However, friendship cannot exceed 100.
An important thing to remember is that if you ignore the request, you will lose 2 friendship points.
  • However, the friendship level will never decrease below 1.

Independent Mercenary's Retirement
Independent mercenaries will age just like the other characters in the game. If the independent mercenary gets older than 60, he or she will retire and be released. One they are released, you won't be able to rehire them or receive mail from them. It will be more beneficial for you to hire younger mercenaries.

Releasing Independent Mercenary
You can choose to release independent mercenaries. You should release a mercenary after carefully analyzing each mercenary's information from NPC Fugger who's in charge of giving independence to mercenaries. Carefully review your decision because once you release them, you will no longer receive correspondence or items from them.

Rewards from Independent Mercenary
Independent Mercenaries will send rewards every 6 months in-game time (6 days in real time). Among these rewards, you can find important materials, expensive items or rare material items to acquire B-level mercenaries.

It's also important to maintain Friendship since you cannot get material items to acquire B-level mercenary unless your Friendship reaches 100. Just like that, the kinds of rewards sent from independent mercenaries differs depending on the mercenary's current Friendship or its Might. So, the higher the independent mercenary's Might (Might without any equipment), or the higher the Friendship, you will receive larger quantities of items as rewards.

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