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Earning their name for the color of their skins, the Greenskins are a collection of races that live together for a single purpose: War. Chaotic, ill-tempered and short-fused, a Greenskin considers a day that starts with choking someone with his bare hands and ends with him getting said hands chopped off a good day.

Might and size are all that really matters to the Greenskins, and from time to time a very powerful Orc Warboss will gather support from many clans into a "Waaagh!" (so named for a popular Greenskins' war cry) - a stampede of Orcs, Goblins and Snottlings, bent on destroying everything that stand in their way. Why? Because that's what Greenskins do.

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The Bloody Sun Boyz

The Bloody Sun Boyz are one of the many clans that reside in the badland. Led by a huge Black Orc named Grumlok and his most powerful Goblin Shaman, Gazbag, the tribe quickly conquers its rivals and begins to grow in size. The story might have ended there if not for Malekith the Witch King.

In a plot to conquer Ulthuan, Malekith must sow chaos in the forces of Order. Part of his plan includes starting a war between the Greenskins and the Dwarfs. Malekith thus captured Grumlok and Gazbag, and gave them magical items that made them much more powerful, before releasing them.

The rest his typical Greenskins mentality - with this new power, they quickly gathered the remaining clans into a Great Waagh and set off to walk on the Dwarf's Kingdom. Because nobody fights back like the Stunties.

Orcs, Goblins and Snottlings

The Greenskins 'race' is actually composed of three distinct races:

The Orcs:

Huge, towering brutes, Orcs are the shock troop of and embody all the power and raw savagery of the Greenskins. As an orc grows older, he grows bigger and his skin becomes darker. The oldest (and meanest) will eventually become Black Orcs, and attempt to become a War Boss... or die trying.

While Orcs aren't smart by any means, they do have a savage cunning and a basic understanding of social relations - the typical Orcs is a bully, who obeys those bigger then him and kick around those smaller then him.

The Goblins:

Much smaller then their orcish cousin, the Goblins are also smarter and much more adaptable. This doesn't do them much good however, since their bigger cousin use their size to a great advantage, and a goblin quite often ends up being the errand boy for the Orcs around him, less he be eaten.

However, Goblins often become shamans, and the most successful one use their cleverness to manipulate and trick the slower Orcs into action. Such individual often become the 'brain of the operation' and the true power behind the War Boss.

"Da Bosses bash da Big 'Unz and tells dem wot to do. Da Big'Unz bash da boyz and tells 'em wot to do. Da boyz bash da gobbos and tells 'em wot to do. Da gobbos ain't got no-one to bash, so they does all da work. That's da way fings are." - Orcish Saying.

The Snottlings:

Even smaller and frailer then the Goblin and lacking their devious cleverness, the Snottlings are more or less an evolutionary dead end in the Greenskins family. Too incompetent and too scared to be used as anything else than meat shield or ammunition for siege engine, the life of a Snottlings is a short and brutal one, which often ends under the boots of an Orc or in his belly.

Snottlings are not currently a playable race.

Careers of the Greenskins

From the towering black orc to the devious shaman, the Greenskins are born and bred for one thing: War!

Areas of Interest to the Greenskins

The Greenskins have no homeland to call their own, nomadic and warlike people, they simply establish themselves in lands they have conquered.


  • Grumlok, leader of the Orc faction.
  • Gazbag, leader of the Goblin faction.
  • Brugash Redfang, an orc warboss in Black Crag.
  • Skargor, a Black Orc challenging for leadership of the Bloody Sun Boyz in Black Crag.
  • Hargruk, an orc warchief in the Marshes of Madness.
  • Murgluk the Mad, a goblin mutated by warpstone in Ekrund.
  • Skarzag, an orc quest giver in the greenskin starting village.


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