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Runes of Magic
Extraction (Refining)
InstructorsTools • Recipes

To use your Extraction skill, you must be near Alchemy Tools.

The basic formula for all Extraction is the same:

  • 2 Herb makes a Bundle
  • 4 Bundles makes a Sap
  • 6 Saps makes an Extract

Extraction recipes can be purchased from any Herbalism Instructor.

Resource NodesProducts
1Mountain Demon Grass
Mountain Demon Grass -> Mountain Demon Grass Bundle -> Mountain Demon Grass Sap -> Mountain Demon Grass Extract (Rdb)
Rosemary -> Rosemary Bundle -> Rosemary Sap -> Rosemary Extract (Rdb)
8Red BeetRed Beet (Rdb) -> Red Beet Bundle (Rdb) -> Red Beet Sap -> Red Beet Extract (Rdb)
11Bison GrassBison Grass (Rdb) -> Bison Grass Bundle (Rdb) -> Bison Grass Sap (Rdb) -> Bison Grass Extract (Rdb)
14BitterleafBitterleaf (Rdb) -> Bitterleaf Bundle (Rdb) -> Bitterleaf Sap (Rdb) -> Bitterleaf Extract (Rdb)
20MoxaMoxa (Rdb) -> Moxa Bundle (Rdb) -> Moxa Sap -> Moxa Extract (Rdb)
21Foloin NutFoloin Nut (Rdb) -> Foloin Nut Bundle (Rdb) -> Foloin Nut Sap (Rdb) -> Foloin Nut Extract (Rdb)
26Dusk OrchidDusk Orchid (Rdb) -> Dusk Orchid Bundle (Rdb) -> Dusk Orchid Sap (Rdb) -> Dusk Orchid Extract (Rdb)
31Green ThistleGreen Thistle (Rdb) -> Green Thistle Bundle (Rdb) -> Green Thistle Sap (Rdb) -> Green Thistle Extract (Rdb)
32BarsaleafBarsaleaf -> Barsaleaf Bundle -> Barsaleaf Sap -> Barsaleaf Extract (Rdb)
38Moon OrchidMoon Orchid (Rdb) -> Moon Orchid Bundle (Rdb) -> Moon Orchid Sap (Rdb) -> Moon Orchid Extract (Rdb)
41Straw MushroomStraw Mushroom (Rdb) -> Straw Mushroom Bundle (Rdb) -> Straw Mushroom Sap (Rdb) -> Straw Mushroom Extract (Rdb)
44Sinners PalmSinners Palm (Rdb) -> Sinners Palm Bundle (Rdb) -> Sinners Palm Sap (Rdb) -> Sinners Palm Extract (Rdb)
50Dragon MallowDragon Mallow (Rdb) -> Dragon Mallow Bundle (Rdb) -> Dragon Mallow Sap (Rdb) -> Dragon Mallow Extract (Rdb)
51Mirror SedgeMirror Sedge (Rdb) -> Mirror Sedge Bundle (Rdb) -> Mirror Sedge Sap (Rdb) -> Mirror Sedge Extract (Rdb)

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