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ArmsEverything except for Bows and Crossbows
ArmorChain (no Shield)
Skills:  General    Class    Elite  

This page refers to content that was introduced on 6/12/2012 with the expansion, Chapter V: Fires of Shadowforge.
Rampaging War Machines

Unrivalled in melee combat, these mighty warriors unleash dark magic upon their foes. When they find themselves in danger, Champions are able to transform into Runic Robots, impenetrable war machines fuelled by the power of runes.

Following info is from in-game...
Clever technicians who become proficient enough in rune casting to pass the rune armament tests receive certification to make their own custom rune armaments. These people are called Champions.

A Champion that in battle can release runic energy that is comparable to the damage dished by a warrior. Moreover, whenever they're cornered by a powerful enemy, they can transform their body into a shield, providing huge defensive benefits. This rune-powered war machine can withstand massive damage from any source. The sum of all these parts is a front-line fighter who teammates can rely on.

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