Carnage at The Fleshwerks - by shutframe (WoW)  

His glowing blue eyes wide and his mouth turned up into a grin, Malithar cut his way through the Fleshwerks' spiked ghouls. He even laughed as he pushed through to the good Doctor Sabnok's cleaver and thread.

Darkrider Arly's high-pitched, raspy voice rang fresh in his mind as he carried Crusader Olakin's remains in his pack. "With the abduction of Crusader Olakin, the Argent Crusade's forces will have no commander in the final assault on the Fleshwerks. While one crusader is the same as any other to me, the argents won't see it that way," she said, rolling her eyes.

Stifling his mirth as he brought the remains, cleaver and thread together at the table, Malithar wondered idly what he'd do with an entire platoon of Argent Crusaders under command of his ghoul. As he finished the last stitches, preparing to re-animate the remains, suddenly a brilliant golden light blazed up around him. Once the afterglow faded, he was faced with a fully rejuvenated Olakin. Malithar's smile died as Olakin's blossomed.

"Thank you for your help, Malithar," the crusader said as he stepped down from the operating table. "Now come, let us deliver the killing blow to these Scourge!" With a hearty laugh the crusader swept out of the room, leaving Malithar alone inside.

He sighed heavily as he walked out of there, his face turning further down at each cheer from the battling Argent Crusaders outside as they hailed their "rescued" commander.

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