Black Oppressor's Gloves (RoM Item)  

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Worth: 529Gold 
Runes of Magic
Black Oppressor's Gloves
Tier 3
Requires Level 50
Cloth Hands
+25.0 Stamina

Black Oppressor's (4) Cloth
 Black Oppressor's Mask (Rdb)
 Black Oppressor's Robes (Rdb)
 Black Oppressor's Gloves
 Black Oppressor's Shoulder Guards (Rdb)
2 Piece: +40.0 Stamina
3 Piece: +40.0 Stamina, +30.0 Intelligence
4 Piece: +40.0 Stamina, +30.0 Intelligence, +200.0 Maximum HP
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Item Set Notes: This set is given to you, a piece at a time, by Shems Bowen at Lyk in Dragonfang Ridge. Although the quests are all level 1, and this is a 20-30 zone, the armor is all level 50.

The four sets are collectively called the Black Codex armor.

MMO devs frequently change the exact stats on an item, over the life of a game, to improve game balance. For this reason, we no longer support inclusion of exact item stats in our wiki.

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