Beryl's Folly (CoS Zone)  

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Beryl's Folly  Accessible from: Arkadia
50+ [Optional] Bad Eggs
[Daily] More Bad Eggs
[Daily] Extermination for Examination
    Notes: This is an Open PvP zone, but killing players here does NOT award Honor.
    Beryl's Folly 
    51+ 64280 (95352) [Vanquisher] Normal - Beryl's Folly
    [Challenge] Heroic - Beryl's Folly
      Notes: You must clear all the mobs on the ring road to make the second wave of mobs appear on the mine entrance platform. The boss will appear the moment the second wave is cleared.
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      City of Steam

      Each Boss Raid Challenge dungeon that you complete will grant rewards in addition to any items you find within it.

      The amounts will vary by level and mode.

      The ancient landscapes hidden beneath Nexus have consistently played a part in the city-states progress as well as its problems. While some of the rediscovered treasures of history can produce riches, technologies, weapons and reward, others offer death and madness, Beryl’s Folly has been known to achieve both.

      The story of Beryl’s Folly began with the discovery of an ancient underground ruin from the Era of Myth. The site had gone untouched for centuries until Beryl Valsgard, a renowned Avenian eccentric, finally got the government’s permission to excavate.

      Beryl, a lucrative banker, moved to the site after years of successful operating mining ventures in toothward Avenoss. However, business was not his true passion. Artifacts were. And this obsession coupled with is persuasiveness proved enough to set up an excavation and archeological institute in record time.

      The dig immediately produced amazing results, turning up a treasure trove of mythwork artifacts. Naturally, this produced a great amount of hype and attracted massive investment from researchers, universities and alchemist guilds throughout the Heartlands. In the first ten years of operation, it was an unprecedented success.

      However, the excavation continued far too long, driven by a maddened Beryl who believed that the mother lode still evaded him somewhere in the depths below. Eventually, the vast depths of the dig site made it impossible to travel back to the surface each day. Once this happened, reports from the excavators became more and more scarce until one day, there was no reply at all. Over the decades that followed, attention moved away from the excavation and to other research, but the massive hole and the legends of Beryl Valsgard still remain.

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      Except for the boss, Sulfur Gut, mobs in this zone drop nothing except for Quest Items. They do, however, give EXP.


      Beryl's Folly is accessible from Arkadia and Castellum Phoenix but the exit goes only to Arkadia. Both entrance portals emerge at the same location.

      ZoneLevel Range
      Castellum Phoenix
      Krematorium Tunnel
      The Maw
      Void Portal

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