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Congratulations for taking the next step in supporting the Rift Community @ ZAM. Below are a range of tools, links and services you can use to fully utilise your time in the Rift Wikibase and have a more enjoyable experience.

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Almost all articles are editable, you will see a blue Edit Rift Article Button on most pages. You can either click this or the "Edit" link with the tool bar directly above a wiki article.

How to Edit

After clicking the edit button (and if the page is not admin protected) this will take you to an edit screen. This text box has all the wikitext that's currently in the article and tools to help it run efficiently inside the ZAM network. Below are some top links and tips to help you understand.

  • ZAM Wikibase uses most of the Wikitext format that is used on popular sites like Wikipedia, Wikia & Mediawiki.
  • Check out the link at the top right of the Edit screen named Wiki Help and Documentation for more help or click it here.
  • Text Formatting techniques like Bold, italics and indenting text can be found here.
  • You can organize the page with Tables, check out our Table information at the Wiki Help and Documentation or by clicking here.
  • Its Nice to separate content with headers, check out the information here.

How to Edit / Create with Templates

There are two kinds of templates in Rift @ ZAM, Ones that are in brackets like {{Rift}} for example and are used inside pages; or an empty page that has the basic layouts that you can copy and paste into your new wiki article. You can check the applicable ones out at the Rift Help Section

Notifying other users

Rift Incomplete

If you feel you have left a major gap out in a section of a wiki article you can add the below code to the applicable section so they can see that more work is needed. If you have filled out the information and wish to remove the notice, just delete the applicable code below from that section.


Requesting Admin

Requesting Help

If you wish to leave a message for the admins to be notified of something in the wiki article, add the below code to the article and fill in the nessesary parts.

{{AdminNeeded|rift|put reason here}}

Page Removal

If you feel the wiki article needs to be removed from the wiki place the following code and fill in the reason needed in the applicable part.

{{AfD|rift|put reason here}}


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