Arcanist (CoS Class)  

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City of Steam
The Arcanist is a powerful manipulator of elemental energies who harnesses fire, ice and lightning in an array of devastating tactical abilities.

The advent of mass-produced staves and wands has made the arcane arts, once the exclusive province of royal researchers and industrial magnates, available to all and sundry. Whereas channelers and occultists weave ancient melodies to spur the Mechanism itself to act on their behalf, Arcanists manipulate matter at a distance by concentrating and amplifying the elemental energies coursing through it.

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The Arcanist has a choice of any of three different armor types: Chem, Robe, or Volt,


see Talents


  1. Standard Attack: Ranged auto-attack
  2. Arcane Shot: Ranged direct damage with small AoE
  3. Force Sphere: PBAoE with Knockback (Radius: 5m). High-impact short-range, get you some elbow room.
  4. Unlocked at level 5:
    • Flame Lance: Ground-Target Stroke of Flame with DOT
    • Ice Flurry: Ground-Target Stroke of Ice with DOT
    • Thunderbolt: Single-target Lightning attack (does serious damage to Mechanisms)
  5. Unlocked at level 8:
    • Magma Shield: Burns melee attackers while shield lasts
    • Glacial Ward: Reflects and freezes melee attackers while ward lasts
    • Plasma Cloak: Electrocutes melee attackers while cloak lasts (50 secs). Each rank increases DMG and extends duration.
  6. Unlocked at level 12:
    • Fireblast: Ground-Based Arc Flame AoE with Knockback
    • Ice Burst: Cold Wave AoE with Freeze and some DOT
    • Electrocute: Single-target Multi-strike Lightning
  7. Unlocked at level 17:
    • Explosive Orbs: Seek-and-Destroy orbs (3), they follow along with you and attack anything you do. Big AE. Very short cooldown (11.5 secs)
    • Frostguard: Big Ice-golem pet that moves and fights. Many prefer this powerful and aggressive pet. Decent pet-tank, holds aggro well.
    • Tesla Tower: A defensive turret that Electrocutes nearby enemies
  8. Unlocked at level 23:
    • Eruption: Flame GTAoE
    • Snap Freeze: Single-target Freeze (root)
    • Storm Circle: Self-target AE, immobilizes and damages enemies
  9. Unlocked at level 30:
    • ???:
  10. Unlocked at level ?:
    • ???:

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