Alliz Onu  

Alliz Onu
Queen of Reptiles
Demi-Goddess of Torture
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EverQuest II
Legends of Norrath
Except for The Tribunal, the Gods play no direct, active role within this game.
Alliz Onu is the Queen of Reptiles. She inhabits the swamplands of the Plane of Fear. By the will of Cazic-Thule, ruler of the Plane of Fear, she helped create the Lizard Man race as well as numerous other dangerous reptiles of Norrath. All Alliz Ew, regardless of tribe, pay some homage to her. She has no eyes within her eye sockets. In her honor, the Alliz Tae Ew remove their eyes in a painful ritual that takes place in the Undertemple of the Temple of Cazic-Thule.[1]

  1. ^ a post by Vhalen in the EQ2Players Lore forum

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