Acrobat (DN)  

Quick Facts
Class: Archer (DNASkills)
Lv 15: Acrobat (DNASkillsCalc)

Equipment Lustre: Sapphire
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Dragon Nest

This is a Primary Specialization, available at level 15.

At level 15 archers can choose to become acrobats. Acrobats give up their most damaging ranged attacks for short ranged kicks and strikes. They are still very vulnerable but since they are incredibly agile they have a barrage of moves that can get them in to melee, deal damage, and escape in a heart beat. A well played acrobat will be very hard to attack as they can move around so quickly.

ArcherSharpshooter (Artillery, Sniper) • Acrobat (Tempest, Windwalker) • Hunter (Detonation, Ranger)
(kDN only) Academic • (Engineer)
ClericPaladin (Crusader, Guardian) • Priest (Inquisitor, Saint) • Monk (Champion, Impulse)
SorceressElementalist (Ice Witch, Pyromancer) • Mystic (Chaos Mage, War Mage) • Warlock (Illusionist, Mistress)
WarriorSwordsman (Gladiator, Marauder) • Mercenary (Barbarian, Destroyer) • Avenger (Abyss Walker, Dark Knight)
TinkererAlchemist (Adept, Physician) • Engineer (Gearmaster, Shooting Star)

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