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Inocorrect Information
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I'm not sure who put this up, but it's incorrect.

The Prophecy of Trakanon has lots of relevant points in the game all the way up and including at least until and including the Shadows of Luclin expansion.

The information you are referring to was the EQ Codex of War compiled and displayed on the 1st Fist of Light website. While it currently is not there it is being redesigned and will be rereleased with new information that was not in the original release.

I can tell you for a fact that the Prophecy of Trakanon was included in the original game at release in various pointed, at least all the way up to and including the Shadows of Luclin expansion. Further information will be made available on the 1st Fist of Light website to further explain this when the new Codex is completed, hopefully within in a few months. I can tell you however that there are still tidbits of the Prophecy of Trakanon still floating around in the game that have not been removed.

The only people at SOE whom I've ever hard that have publicly disavowed knowledge of the The Prophecy of Trakanon storyline was the community manager for EQ2, at the time, Scott Hartsman. Keep in mind he is only a community manager. The actual story of the game is only known be certain developers and other higher ups within SOE. At one point in time early on the story with regards to the Prophecy was made well known to guides early on the guide program as the information was disseminated therein. As time went on, this stopped. As a former guide myself I can tell you that guides were told nothing of the background for the historical events or any of the other events. The only information that they were given was pertinent to the event that they were running with no actual background information being given to them.

The information compiled was not just GM events, but a variety of factors from faction, specific items, lore books in game, guide handouts, lore posted to the official EverQuest site, the lore from items when identified, creatures in the game, and I could go on. Everything tied into the story of the game. It was designed that way on purpose. I can also tell you that I was hired by White Wolf to work on the EQ RPG because of my work on the Codex of War and that SOE was aware of it. I was hired because of my knowledge of the history. I can also tell you that I was instructed to write about everything that I knew with regards to the lore which was EverQuest canon.

Best Regards,
Banegrivm, Leader of the 1st Fist of Light
George Doutrich
EQ RPG Author
Names decoded
# May 14 2011 at 2:34 AM Rating: Good
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I googled a bit and found these anagrams/relations in the names mentioned in the article:

Rathe => earth
Tarew => water
E'ci => ice
Povar => vapor
Xegony => oxygen
Fennin Ro => inferno (+ extra n)

Veeshan => heavens
Tunare => nature

Qeynos => Sony EQ
Felwithe => White elf

Are there other obvious relations ?

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