A Dummies Guide to Lockpicking 300 (WoW)  

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Lockpicking between 80 & 150
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I tried to level my lockpicking skills, according to the method suggested by Allakhazam, Thottbot and other sites: After the Alther's Mill chests go grey at 85, you are to pick the chest in Klaven's Tower until you hit 150 skill.

“You can't do that anymore if you've done the poison quest already. When I did the quest, I leveled my lockpicking from 75 to 100 on that chest. I had to delete the quest item before trying it again. I gained a level when I turned the quest in and went back to get the extra 5 skill points, and was unable to manually pick the chest at all.” Lartzul, 36 Rogue on Garrosh, taken from WoW Forum.

Nok, from Winterhoof, mentioned “Zoram Strand then Windshear Crag should get you to 150.” in the same forum.

So I went to Zoram Strand and found chests that I could open at skill lvl 100. In the 15 minutes before Maintenance Shutdown, I found 17 chests. Several were in permanent spots, which are (using Titan Panel coords): 15, 18 - 11, 30 - 15, 17 - 15, 22 - 13, 29. Most of the locations did repeat boxes in the time it took me to ride along the crescent coastline. There were none underwater that I saw, and I did swim the whole ocean along that coast at least once. Some boxes spawned right next to another box.

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