10XIV Pumpkin Hempen Hat  

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Stillglade Fane's Inside Out Pumpkin
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The name of this pumpkin is actually "Stillglade Fane's Inside Out Pumpkin" and there is a story that goes with it:

As Gridania is preparing for the Annual harvest, the Conjurers of Stillglade Fane begin their work for the Lighting of the Pumpkins ceremony. The Conjurers weave their wondrous spells to carve and shape each pumpkin with the hope that their tradition will appease the elementals and gain Nophica's favor. The time draws near for the final touch, the public synchronized lighting of each of Gridania's pumpkins.

The citizens cheer, the children dance, and the moogles squeal with delight as the Conjurers emerge from their cave-like guild, each carrying the prized products of their labors. One by one they place their pumpkins around the city, then enter into a quiet state of contemplation.

All is quiet as the entire city holds their breath in anticipation of the ritual. A cool wind begins to blow and the clouds in the night sky are swept away to reveal a pale, full moon, casting an eerie glow upon the land. The moon's light appears to dance across a shallow layer of fog just above the forest floor.

Many citizens cannot help but think about the ever present Greenwrath that awaits outside the city walls, and some begin to fear that the Woodsin within them may be too great. The children begin to cling to their mothers for comfort as they entertain ideas and visions of the Greenwrath pouring through the city to claim them.

At that moment, a sizzling warmth races through the city streets as each of the Conjurers, as if all were one, begin to mold their small orbs of fire into submission. All watch in awe and amazement as the tiny orbs float through the air and find their homes in the heart of each pumpkin. A final spell is cast to seal each pumpkin, ensuring that the light will continue to burn brightly through the night and creating an inside out appearance.

A gentle glow fills the small community, and thoughts of the Greenwrath are no more. All are at peace as they envision the godess matron's gentle smile watching over them. After much cheering, dancing, and singing, Gridania's citizens return to their homes, content that there is sure to be a bountiful harvest in the coming weeks.
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