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Paladins are both plate-wearers and tanks. They were initially conceived of as hybrids of clerics and warriors, but as EQ has evolved the class has become far more distinct.

Paladins are mostly desired in groups for:

  • Tanking
  • Miniature versions of cleric buffs and rezzes [ Brells }
  • Backup Healing and Group Healing
Paladins are mostly desired in raids for: Also for RT. RT = Ramptank. The DA hammer helps with that.

Class Capabilities

  • Aggro
    • Stuns are quite useful for aggro, starting with the level seven cease and level thirteen desist lines.
    • Group heals also generate quite a lot of aggro.
Slay Undead . Seen up to 33k hits at lvl 85 so far .

Heal Capabilities

Pre 71

  • Single Target Heals
    • Light line - Fast cast, slow recast, low hitpoint heal, short range
    • Touch line - Average cast, fast recast, decent hitpoint heal, long range

  • Group Heals
    • Wave line - Average cast, long recast, low hitpoint heal, short range

Post 71

  • Single Target Heal
    • Burst line - Super fast cast, long recast, decent hitpoint heal, long range

Post 80

  • Group Heals - This new line of group heals is a smart heal. Basically it uses whatever mana it takes to heal your group according to their health.

    • Aurora line - Average cast time, fast recast, great heal, high mana cost, short range



Equipment Sets

Name Level Race(s)
Bravefoot 1-12 HFL
Stormguard 1-12 DWF
Deep Muses 1-12 GNM
Felwithe Defenders 1-12 HIE, HEF
Truthbringers 1-12 HUM, HEF, FRG


The Serpents Spine expansion and level 71 introduced spells in ranks. Rank 2 spells post 71 are dropped and also some are faction based purchasable. Rank 3 only received by raiding.

When Free to Play started, all spells up to Level 70 and rank 1 spells 71 to 85 became merchant purchasable in PoK. Rank 2 are still dropped and faction purchased. Rank 3 by raids.

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