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Essential Information

How do I get there?

  • Travel to The Sinking Sands and catch an Airship! It's above the crock camp, kinda hard to miss. You can take the climbable wall up there.

How do I get around?

  • Balloons will transport you around, once you've spoken to the station Safety Conductors. If you're a level 50 or higher tradeskiller, the Ship Out quest is a great place to start.

Quest Series

Signature and Heritage Quests

The Shadow Odyssey

  1. Prologue:
  2. The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 1: Come Sail Away
  3. The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 2: The Gods Must Be Crazy
  4. The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 3: Veilbreaker Down
  5. The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 4: History Repeating
  6. The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 5: Breaking the Chains
  7. The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 6: The Guns of Brokenskull


There are only 4 factions in this expansion that you can gain faction with. Of the others, there are a few, such as Nuknok Clan, for which you will gain items at certain times that will allow you to disguise yourself and be accepted by them as one of their own. Some of these items are permanent and can be used beyond the end of the quest series that required them.


The Deep Forge
The Deep Forge
Miragul's Phylactery
Miragul's Phylactery
Moors of Ykesha
Moors of Ykesha
Ykesha's Inner Stronghold
Ykesha's Inner Stronghold
The Ruins of Guk
The Ruins of Guk

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  • The Void Storms World Event
    • GU46 (Gathering Tempest) saw the start of Void Storms, Pt. I - The Invasion, where swirling storms of void energy appeared in zones throughout Norrath. Through our interaction with the quests in this World Event, we have seen that the storms appear to allow creatures of the Void to come through to our world and possess any creatures near the storm. When cleansed, the controlling creature, a voidbeast, was forced to leave it's host and can be killed quite easily.
    • GU47 brought Void Storms, Pt. II - The Battle, where creatures start coming out of the Void Tempests.
    • GU48, Breaking Ground brings us a murder mystery and tons of undead!

Complete list of Ethernaut Stories

A recent post from Miss Doomcookie reveals that "The Ethernaut storyline takes place at the very, very beginning of the Lost Age. So shortly into it, in fact, that all of the characters would have been born in the Age of Blood." The following lore, published on EQ2Players, we are told relates to the expansion:

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