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Kingdom of Sky retail package artwork
Kingdom of Sky retail package artwork
Kingdom of Sky was the 2nd Expansion for EverQuest II, released on February 21, 2006.

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New Features

  • Raised the level cap on adventuring and crafting to 70.
  • Raised the level cap on guilds to 60.
  • 3 new outdoor zones with more than a dozen new solo, heroic and raid instances.
  • New monster races: Hooluk, Aviak, Vultak, Droag, Ravasect, and more.
  • New Heritage quests: Wurmslayer


The Kingdom of Sky, or the Overrealm as it is know by it's inhabitants, is composed of 3 Realms. Each Realm is also a zone, composed of multiple floating islands connected by cloud stations. Each zone can be reached from the ground by either of 2 Ulteran Spires. From the Overrealm you will have your choice of which ground zone to travel to, making for some interesting short-cuts.

Quest Series

EverQuest II

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