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Goblin Games (EQ2)  

Purchase your tickets to play a new mini-game feature for a variety of prizes! When you use your Goblin Games ticket, a mysterious Gigglegibber will appear and offer you a choice of one of three mini-games: Goblin Grub, Decoration Duplication, or Statue Streak. Pick your game and play for a chance at one of many great prizes, including a new currency – Gigglegibber Gold – that can be used to purchase some items in the Marketplace as well! If you don’t succeed in your mini-game quest the first time around, fear not! The ticket will remain in your inventory until you win a prize.

Now on the Marketplace, under the Goblin Games category, you can buy a Goblin Games Ticket for 100 DBC which will allow you to play one of three games. Players also receive two (three for Gold accounts) free tickets a month, found in the /claim window..

The games are:

  • Goblin Grub - Feed the hungry goblins.
  • Decoration Duplication - Memorize where the house items are, then select the right ones and put them back there they belong.
  • Statue Streak - "Simon" type game, where you memorize a pattern and repeat it.

You receive a prize every time you win, selected at random from the following list:

These prizes may also be posted on the Marketplace for Station Cash or Goblin Gold

Notes: Your ticket is only consumed after you receive a prize, so if you lose you can keep trying until you win. Many of the prizes listed above may also be purchased for Goblin Gold pieces, which you may choose to take as your prize when you win.

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