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Coast of Opportunity (RoM Quest Series)  

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Coast of Opportunity
Quest Series
Starting ZoneCoast of Opportunity
Rec. Levels7
Previous Silverspring
Sascilia Steppes
Next Aslan Valley
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This page refers to content that was introduced with the expansion, Chapter IV: Lands of Despair.
Runes of Magic
Quest Series

Daily Quests

LevelQuest NameCampStarterNotes
9Even The Kulang Are Bullies!Heffner CampDowen6 Stolen Apple (Ggl)
11Crustacean Research AssistanceHeffner CampBinken5 Crystals from Shell (Ggl) from Hending Hermit Crabs
13Even Heat NeededHeffner CampNake10 Slightly Damp Wood (Ggl)
13Garbage Can't Be RecycledHeffner CampDowen5 Big Chef's Pot (Ggl)

Heffner Camp

Johnny Walk

Cheryl Heffner

  1. [9] Feathered Pirate Spies - Kill 10 Pirate's Tidal Eagles


Nala Heffner <Deputy Captain>

  1. [11] Hermit Crab Pet Plan - Capture a Hending Hermit Crab



  1. [13] Differences Between Brothers - Persuade Tadis
  2. [13] Unforgotten Agreement - Persuade Tadis



  1. [19] Fruit Eaten by Mistake - Get 5 Unknown Red Fruit (Ggl)

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