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City of Steam
Combat can take place ONLY in Dungeon, Challenge and Wilderness zones.

A word about death: From levels 1 to 9 you can revive (resurrect) at no cost. After level 9, If you are incapacitated (such a nice word for death) you have a choice. You can Leave and automatically go back to the scene you came from, OR you can pay 475Spiremarks  or 95Electrum ($0.92)  to revive immediately where you are. Revival is only an option in Wildernesses, Normal Dungeons or Quest Instances. In Challenge Dungeons your only option is to return to town or be revived by a teammate. One of them must use a Cardiotonic to revive you before your timer expires and you automatically return to town.

Zone Progression

This is not perfect, and some classes may be able to fudge these ranges a bit, but levels shown in BOLD are based on a level requirement for a quest that prevents zone progress until reached. Completion Reward is received when you have completed every Boss Raid Challenge dungeon in a Suburb at least once in Normal and Heroic modes.

DeltonSuburb1 to 6
The RefugeSuburb7 to 12200Spiremarks 
The IronwasteWilderness11-12
Heartland RoadSuburb12 to 18300Spiremarks 
Heartland ValeWilderness17 to 18
Meluan's GateSuburb18 to 25300Spiremarks 
Titan EaterWilderness22 to 25
The VaultSuburb25 to 32300Spiremarks 
The Broken StairWilderness32
Founders' AnnexSuburb32 to 38350Spiremarks 
Spirestep FensWilderness35 to 38
GardenworksSuburb39 to 50350Spiremarks 
Beryl's BreachWilderness50
The CopperwasteWilderness10-99
Beryl's FollyDungeon50 to 54
The Maze of UlgrimDungeon52+
Cells of the ForsakenDungeon53+
Castellum PhoenixDungeon54+
Void PortalDungeon57+
Arkadia of the PastDungeon59+

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