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add Admins AFK Gaming
aggro Aggro Range Alchemy
Alignment Alpha Attuning Dust of Hexes (VG Item)
Avatar Away From Keyboard Bard (VG Class)
Beta Blood Mage (VG Class) Blue Laced Shirt (VG Item)
Broken Wooden Staff (VG Item) Captain Baerdun Ironguard (VG Mob) Centurion Zaraki (VG Mob)
Cleric (VG Class) Common Cracked Darkened Scale Bracers (VG Item)
Crit Currency Defender Blute Hammersmith (VG Mob)
Defender Turgin Foecleaver (VG Mob) Disciple (VG Class) dot
DPS Dread Knight (VG Class) Druid (VG Class)
Experience FAQ Flawless Elder's Handwrap of Hexes (VG Item)
Flawless Elder's Warhammer of Avoidance (VG Item) FPS GFDL
Global Template Users Guide Gods Hate List
Holy Housing Area (VG Lomshir POI) ISIN
Kayla Zarae (VG Mob) Kiri Tentrees (VG Mob) Kysheen Zykl (VG Mob)
Legionnaire Cindihn (VG Mob) Legionnaire Cybol (VG Mob) Legionnaire Ghazrad (VG Mob)
Legionnaire Havlern Legionnaire Havlern (VG Mob) Legionnaire Maelvorn (VG Mob)
Legionnaire Zalimorn (VG Mob) Level Cap Lieutenant Azrid (VG Mob)
Live Loose Pants (VG Item) Loot Whore
Macro Main Tank Messenger Boots (VG Item)
mmo mob Monk (VG Class)
MT MUD Nalzen Hun'tlar (VG Mob)
Necromancer (VG Class) Nori Anvilfist (VG Mob) Off Tank
Old Scaled Hide Tunic (VG Item) Paladin (VG Class) Priori Nykmaga (VG Mob)
Protection Psionicist (VG Class) pull
Quest Hub Random Number Generator Ranger (VG Class)
Reliable Stud of the Defender (VG Item) Restoration RNG
roamer Rogue (VG Class) Sergeant Arez (VG Mob)
Server Shaman (VG Class) social
Sorcerer (VG Class) Squishy strategy game
Sycophant of Kysheen (VG Mob) Taunt The Dark Academy (VG POI)
Thiria Torghym (VG Mob) Tracking Unknown
Vale Forged Claymore (VG Item) Vale Forged Dagger (VG Item) Vale Forged Greatstaff (VG Item)
Vale Forged Longsword (VG Item) Vale Silk Wrappings (VG Item) Vendor
Vornril Xundan (VG Mob) Warrior (VG Class) Watchman's Pants (VG Item)
Worn Riverborne Leather Leggings (VG Item) Wurmblood Pie of Minor Wisdom (VG Item)