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City of Steam
In each zone, the sub-quests of the [Main] quest will send you to each of the dungeons in that zone. Only after you complete each sub-quest will the Optional and Daily quests for that dungeon become available to you.

Any mob that has anything to do with a quest will have an icon over his head of a turning gear. The color of the gear and the symbol inside of it tell you what the mob can do for you.


  • Yellow - Related to a Main quest (in this wiki we show these as orange because yellow does not show well against a white background).
  • Green - Related to an Optional quest
  • Blue - Related to a Daily quest
  • Purple - Related to a Guide tutorial
  • Pale Blue - Related to a Vanquisher quest
  • Orange - Related to a Heroic Challenge quest


  • ! - Wants to give you a Quest.
  • % - is waiting for you to finish a Quest he has already given you.
  • ... - has a Quest update for you. On the Minimap he will show as a yellow question mark (?).

In conversations with NPCs, the first response is always the one that moves the conversation forward.

A word about death: From levels 1 to 9 you can revive (resurrect) at no cost. After level 9, If you are incapacitated (such a nice word for death) you have a choice. You can Leave and automatically go back to the scene you came from, OR you can pay 800Spiremarks  or 300Electrum ($2.91)  to revive immediately where you are. Revival is only an option in Normal Dungeons or Quest Instances. In Challenge Dungeons your only option is to return to town or be revived by a teammate. One of them must use a Cardiotonic to revive you before your timer expires and you automatically return to town.

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