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Normally, a game's Dictionary here at ZAM is simply a collection of common terms. However, for Aion, the game has a built-in Dictionary and those templates here that include text from the in-game dictionary create entries in this category.

If the page template has a dictionary= field that is not blank, or the {{Aion Dictionary}} template is used directly on the page, that page will appear in this category.

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Abex Hind Leg (Aion Item) Abnormal Condition Abolos (Aion Mob)
Abyss (Aion) Abyss Blade Fragment (Aion Item) Abyss Points
Aether (Aion) Agairon Village (Aion Place) Ager's Farm (Aion Place)
Airon Feathers (Aion Item) Airon Meat (Aion Item) Akarios Village (Aion Place)
Alchemist's Table (Aion Object) Aldelle Hill (Aion Place) Alrunta (Aion Mob)
Altamia Ridge (Aion Place) Altgard Crystal (Aion Item) Altgard Fortress (Aion Place)
Altgard Ice Lake (Aion Place) Amethyst Ore (Aion Item) Anasia (Aion Mob)
Ancient Caryatid (Aion Mob) Anturoon Crossing (Aion Place) Anturoon Sentry Post (Aion Place)
Anubite Bone Fragment (Aion Item) Aria (Aion Item) Arieluma
Armored Sparkle (Aion Mob) Asmodae Asteros (Aion Mob)
Atreia (Aion) Azphelumbra Azure Sapphire (Aion Item)
A Treasure Map (Aion Item) Balder (Aion Mob) Basfelt Village (Aion Place)
Betua Log (Aion Item) Big Foot Kerub (Aion Mob) Black Claw Searcher (Aion Mob)
Black Claw Sentry (Aion Mob) Black Claw Sharpeye (Aion Mob) Black Claw Warrior (Aion Mob)
Blood Ruby (Aion Item) Bolverk (Aion Mob) Borender (Aion Mob)
Brilliant Orichalcum Ore (Aion Item) Broker Brownbristle Brax (Aion Mob)
Brown Bristle Brax Calf (Aion Mob) Burning Orichalcum Ore (Aion Item) Cantas Coast (Aion Place)
Captured Tursin Guard Charlie Quest Chauminerk (Aion Mob)
Cliona Lake (Aion Place) Coeus (Aion Mob) Condor Breast Meat (Aion Item)
Contaminated Swamp (Aion Place) Contaminated Water Sample (Aion Item) Crystal Hand Mirror (Aion Object)
Crystal Ore (Aion Item) Crystal Stone (Aion Object) Currency (Aion)
Dabi (Aion Mob) Daeva (Aion) Darkness Blade Fragment (Aion Item)
Demro (Aion Mob) Desert Crestlich (Aion Mob) Desert Scout Camp (Aion Place)
Destroyed Artifact (Aion Object) Devalin (Aion Mob) Dimos (Aion Mob)
Divine Points (Aion) Dragon's Leg Bone (Aion Item) Dragon's Rib (Aion Item)
Dragon's Skull (Aion Item) Drana (Aion) Dukaki Miner (Aion Mob)
Dukaki Mine (Aion Place) Eastern Eracus Desert (Aion Place) Eiron Desert (Aion Place)
Ellun River Mouth (Aion Place) Elpas (Aion Mob) Eltnen Fortress (Aion Place)
Eltnen Fortress Entrance (Aion Place) Emgata (Aion Mob) Energy of Repose (Aion)
Everglade Sylphen (Aion Mob) Fearless Fungie (Aion Mob) Fess (Aion Object)
Forest Protector Noah (Aion Mob) Frana (Aion Mob) Fregion (Aion Mob)
Frillneck Woods (Aion Place) Frost Slink (Aion Mob) Geolus (Aion Mob)
Giant Rakeclaw Frillneck (Aion Mob) Golden Bough Garrison (Aion Place) Gold Ore (Aion Item)
Gooey Sylphen (Aion Mob) Gray Mane Scratcher (Aion Mob) Greater Gold Ore (Aion Item)
Greater Orichalcum Ore (Aion Item) Greater Titanium Ore (Aion Item) Great Temple of Pandaemonium (Aion Place)
Guheitun's Tent (Aion Place) Guheitun (Aion Mob) Hapenill (Aion Mob)
Harumonerk (Aion Mob) Hill Sparkie (Aion Mob) Hygea (Aion Mob)
Iandeus (Aion Mob) Idun's Lake (Aion Place) Incinerator (Aion Object)
Influence (Aion) Iron Ore (Aion Item) Ishalgen Prison Camp (Aion Place)
Jucleas (Aion Mob) Jumentis (Aion Mob) Kaidan Mine (Aion Place)
Kales (Aion Mob) Keindor (Aion Mob) Kellan (Aion Mob)
Kerubian Bucket (Aion Item) Kerubian Bucket (Aion Object) Kerubian Fighter (Aion Mob)
Kerubian Gatherer (Aion Mob) Kerubian Weapon (Aion Item) Kerubim Fang (Aion Item)
Kerubim Grain Sack (Aion Item) Kerub Grain Sack (Aion Item) Kerub Grain Sack (Aion Object)
Kerub Lair (Aion Place) Khidia (Aion Mob) Kimela (Aion Mob)
Kirhen (Aion Mob) Kistig (Aion Mob) Krall Mark (Aion Item)
Krall Ration (Aion Item) Kunberunerk (Aion Mob) Lakaias (Aion Mob)
Lake Tunapre (Aion Place) Left Wing Chamber (Aion Zone) Lepharist Treasure Box (Aion Object)
Light Blade Fragment (Aion Item) Linon Fiber (Aion Item) Lodas (Aion Mob)
Lorando (Aion Mob) Loriniah (Aion Mob) Mail Box (Aion Object)
Malonimus (Aion Mob) Manduri Fighter (Aion Mob) Manduri Forest (Aion Place)
Manduri Gatherer (Aion Mob) Manduri Hunter (Aion Mob) Manduri Looter (Aion Mob)
Manduri Stores (Aion Place) Manduri Village (Aion Place) Manir's Campsite (Aion Place)
Manir's Ferry Dock (Aion Place) Miraju's Holy Ground (Aion Place) Mires (Aion Mob)
Morheim Snow Field (Aion Place) Moslan Forest (Aion Place) Moss Spirit (Aion Mob)
Motgar (Aion Mob) Mottled basilisk (Aion Mob) MuMu Farmland (Aion Place)
MuMu Village (Aion Place) Munihele Forest (Aion Place) Muranes (Aion Mob)
Mysterious Shipwreck (Aion Place) Nabaru (Aion Mob) Nobelium (Aion Place)
Nola (Aion Mob) Noroia (Aion Mob) Obelisk (Aion)
Obelisk (Aion Object) Odella Plantation (Aion Place) Odium (Aion)
Orichalcum Ore (Aion Item) Outpost Ruins (Aion Place) Patamor Ridge Path (Aion Place)
Piercing Vespine (Aion Mob) Pilgrims' Respite (Aion Place) Pink Beak Airon (Aion Mob)
Polinia (Aion Mob) Polyidus (Aion Mob) Protectors Hall (Aion Place)
Pure Orichalcum Ore (Aion Item) Putrid Mire (Aion Place) Rakelaw Slink (Aion Mob)
Reckless Kures (Aion Mob) Redthroat Crestlich (Aion Mob) Relic Caryatid (Aion Mob)
Rift (Aion Object) Right Wing Chamber (Aion Zone) Rose Quartz Ore (Aion Item)
Ruberein Wastes (Aion Place) Ruko Fiber (Aion Item) Sakmis (Aion Mob)
Salix Log (Aion Object) Sanctum (Aion Zone) Sandinas (Aion Mob)
Sap Farm (Aion Place) Sataloca's Tomb (Aion Place) Sawteeth Frillneck (Aion Mob)
Shade Octaside (Aion Mob) Shortbristle Bellepig (Aion Mob) Silver Ore (Aion Item)
Skill Manual (Aion Item) Sleeping Elder (Aion Mob) Slink Oil (Aion Item)
Sobi Fiber (Aion Item) Sora (Aion Mob) Southern Tolbas Forest (Aion Place)
Spatalos (Aion Mob) Spiros (Aion Mob) Sprigg's Grains (Aion Item)
Sprigg Grain Sack (Aion Object) Starry Diamond (Aion Item) Steel Beak Griffon (Aion Mob)
Steel Beak Griffo (Aion Mob) Stoneskull Monitor (Aion Mob) Sulfur Tree Nest (Aion Zone)
Supervisor Numonerk (Aion Mob) Suthran (Aion Mob) Swamp Mudthorn (Aion Mob)
Swamp Slime (Aion Mob) Sylphen Wing (Aion Item) Taera (Aion Mob)
Targena (Aion Object) Telamone (Aion Mob) Temple of Artisans (Aion Place)
Tentacled Lobnite (Aion Mob) The Nymph in Folklore (Aion Item) The Scorchlands (Aion Place)
Thief (Aion Mob) Thurnberg (Aion Mob) Tikel Fiber (Aion Item)
Timolia Mine (Aion Place) Titanium Ore (Aion Item) Tobu (Aion Mob)
Tolbas Village (Aion Place) Topaz Ore (Aion Item) Trandila (Aion Mob)
Tribute to Elysea (Aion) Tripeed Monster (Aion Mob) Tulberg (Aion Mob)
Tursin Holy Ground Guard Tursin Outlaw (Aion Mob) Tursin Veteran Scout (Aion Mob)
Twisp Fiber (Aion Item) Ulgorn (Aion Mob) Valurion (Aion Mob)
Vanahal District (Aion Place) Vanar (Aion Mob) Vascus (Aion Mob)
Vengeful Ghost (Aion Mob) Verteron Citadel (Aion Place) Verteron Observatory (Aion Place)
Verteron Swamp (Aion Place) Violent Wriggot (Aion Mob) Virago Poacher (Aion Mob)
Virago Trapper (Aion Mob) Virdi (Aion Mob) Weeping Kelaino (Aion Mob)
Wily Kundu (Aion Mob) Xilix Fiber (Aion Item) Ziloota the Seer (Aion Mob)