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Beta (EQ2 Server)  

Now available via the launcher, Beta uses the old Test Copy server. As of September 2012 access to the Beta server was open to all, but that may change when there is NDA contest to be tested.

Copy a character to the Beta server by using the /beta copy command in the chat box in the live game. As of September 27, 2012, the new Beta Copy tool should work instantly. However, your character copies with only what it is carrying and what's in it's bank. Shared banks, housing, and guilds do not copy over.

To access the beta server, open the EQII launcher. Click on Version in the upper left corner of the Launchpad window. In the Select Game Version tab that opens select Beta from the list and click the Apply button. The Launchpad will now start downloading the ~14GB of data for a full install of EQ2. Players have reported mixed results with copying their Live data to the Beta folder.

Abby "Ahma" Watt posted on the forums regarding Beta and the Chains of Eternity expansion:

Right now Beta has the same content as Test, and you can copy your characters over using /beta. However, once the Chains of Eternity beta starts up, this server will have expansion content and will be limited to accounts that have beta access.

Here are a couple more details about Beta:

  • Grants Gold membership level (plus auto-grants vampire race
  • Free Marketplace (some items not available)
  • Grants free Achievement respecs
  • Can copy over to using /beta (can take up to an hour)
  • /claim is disabled

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