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Augmentation Guide (Rift)  


This guide changed dramatically with the 1.11 patch. To view the old guide, see Augmentation Guide - Pre-1.11

An augment is an item which is used to enhance the stats on a crafted recipe. Adding an augment adds a prefix to the name of the item augmented depending on the stats affected. For example adding a Median Spell Power to Soulbind Leather Brigandine while crafting makes it a Unwavering Soulbind Leather Brigandine. The amount of any particular stat augmented varies based upon the augment used and the level of the item being augmented.

Each Crafting Profession (except Runecrafter) can make six different Augments. With the exception of Apothecary, only one recipe per Profession is available at skill 50.


Augments no longer drop in the world, nor can they be bought from vendors. Augments are now crafted using Salvaged materials. Recipes for Uncommon augments are purchased as training from your Craft trainer but Rare recipes must be purchased from your Recipes vendor with Marks.

If you need an Augment that you can't make you will have to get it from a craftsman that can, or buy it on from the Auctioneer.

The name of the Augment tells you exactly what stats are improved by adding that Augment to a recipe. The prefix tells you how strong the bonus is.

Stats AugmentedPrefixProfessionName, Skill Required to Make (and Use), and Bonus Range
50 (75)
+1 to 2
+2 to 3
+3 to 4
+4 to 5
Crit Power ApothecaryLesser Crit PowerMinor Crit PowerMedian Crit PowerGreater Crit Power
DexterityNimbleApothecaryLesser DexterityMinor DexterityMedian DexterityGreater Dexterity
EnduranceRuggedApothecaryLesser EnduranceMinor EnduranceMedian EnduranceGreater Endurance
IntelligenceCleverApothecaryLesser IntelligenceMinor IntelligenceMedian IntelligenceGreater Intelligence
StrengthMightyApothecaryLesser StrengthMinor StrengthMedian StrengthGreater Strength
WisdomBlessedApothecaryLesser WisdomMinor WisdomMedian WisdomGreater Wisdom
Attack PowerAccurateArmorsmithMinor Attack PowerMedian Attack PowerGreater Attack Power
Block ArmorsmithLesser BlockMinor BlockMedian BlockGreater Block
Endurance and ParryStalwartArmorsmith Minor Endurance and ParryMedian Endurance and ParryGreater Endurance and Parry
Strength and Attack PowerBrutalArmorsmith Minor Strength and Attack PowerMedian Strength and Attack PowerGreater Strength and Attack Power
Strength and Crit Power Armorsmith Minor Strength and Crit PowerMedian Strength and Crit PowerGreater Strength and Crit Power
Strength and Melee CritSavageArmorsmith Minor Strength and Melee CritMedian Strength and Melee CritGreater Strength and Melee Crit
DodgeElusiveArtificer Minor DodgeMedian DodgeGreater Dodge
Endurance and BlockImpenetrableArtificer Minor Endurance and BlockMedian Endurance and BlockGreater Endurance and Block
Spell CritCannyArtificerLesser Spell CritMinor Spell CritMedian Spell CritGreater Spell Crit
Wisdom and Crit Power Artificer Minor Wisdom and Crit PowerMedian Wisdom and Crit PowerGreater Wisdom and Crit Power
Wisdom and Spell CritZealousArtificer Minor Wisdom and Spell CritMedian Wisdom and Spell CritGreater Wisdom and Spell Crit
Wisdom and Spell PowerEnlightenedArtificer Minor Wisdom and Spell PowerMedian Wisdom and Spell PowerGreater Wisdom and Spell Power
Deflect OutfitterLesser DeflectMinor DeflectMedian DeflectGreater Deflect
Endurance and DodgeWilyOutfitter Minor Endurance and DodgeMedian Endurance and DodgeGreater Endurance and Dodge
Intelligence and Crit Power Outfitter Minor Intelligence and Crit PowerMedian Intelligence and Crit PowerGreater Intelligence and Crit Power
Intelligence and Spell CritDeviousOutfitter Minor Intelligence and Spell CritMedian Intelligence and Spell CritGreater Intelligence and Spell Crit
Intelligence and Spell PowerCunningOutfitter Minor Intelligence and Spell PowerMedian Intelligence and Spell PowerGreater Intelligence and Spell Power
Spell PowerUnwaveringOutfitter Minor Spell PowerMedian Spell PowerGreater Spell Power
Dexterity and Attack PowerKeenWeaponsmith Minor Dexterity and Attack PowerMedian Dexterity and Attack PowerGreater Dexterity and Attack Power
Dexterity and Crit Power Weaponsmith Minor Dexterity and Crit PowerMedian Dexterity and Crit PowerGreater Dexterity and Crit Power
Dexterity and Melee CritTreacherousWeaponsmith Minor Dexterity and Melee CritMedian Dexterity and Melee CritGreater Dexterity and Melee Crit
Endurance and Deflect Weaponsmith Minor Endurance and DeflectMedian Endurance and DeflectGreater Endurance and Deflect
Melee CritRuthlessWeaponsmithLesser Melee CritMinor Melee CritMedian Melee CritGreater Melee Crit
ParryDeftWeaponsmith Minor ParryMedian ParryGreater Parry

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