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Hello, My name is Fatetaker and here is my story. I have been gaming online since Mechwarrior 2 Mercenaries followed by Counter Strike and for a decade prior to that on consoles. My first MMORPG experience was in Everquest and my first pvp and guild experience was in Silkroad Online. I have played just about every major MMO title since those games and have lead some very successful end game guilds in World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. I was a active member in the largest most infamous alliance in all of Eve Online IT Alliance also know as Band of Brothers. I am currently a member of All Out Assault where I play Guild Wars 2 and DayZ. I am also a table top gamer of both strategy and rpg. Notable gaming history: National WotC Counter Strike Champion Black Dragons of Babel (Silkroad Online) Unfinished Business of Area 51 (World of Warcraft) Ominoso Latim Nome of Ghostlands (World of Warcraft) B4D WOLF of Legiunea ROmana (Eve Online) Shi Ryu of Figaro (Final Fantasy XIV)