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im 15 i play ffxi when i get the time my ffxi name is Madhatta im currintly on the surver shiva and at this current time im BLM62/RDM31 im leveling DRK which i just unlocked DRK15 and yea i have 8 different linkperl's but so far i have found that Rare/Ex is the best one ever its my home and everyone in it is mad nice and there cool 2 (need linkperl /tell me... also i have created my own LS its a good LS called Oathkeeper its an event garrison and chat LS theres a lot of people in it and there all friendly its getting even better and we did our first Garrison the other day and we did outstanding! BTW want in just /tell me if your over level 30 so yea thats pretty much it about my ffxi carear. Anyone can im me my aim sn is Fmp2491 andyea i like to chill pretty much so yea im me and well talk more or just /tell me in game.

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